How to flock a Christmas tree the EASY way!

I’ve had a bunch of small burlap-wrapped trees for a few years, and this year I wanted to take a few of them and add some flocking to give them a vintage look for my Christmas tablescape. I didn’t want it to take a really long time, and was hoping to figure out something that would be quick and easy.  It ended up taking less than an hour (including the drying time), and I’m so excited to share with my secret…how to flock a Christmas tree the easy way!

How to Flock a Christmas Tree the EASY way! | #diyflockedtree #flockedchristmastree

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It’s just one step, and dries in 30 minutes or less…it really is that easy!


How to Flock a Christmas Tree the EASY way! | #diyflockedtree #flockedchristmastree

The secret??

Drywall Spray Texture!!

How to Flock a Christmas Tree the EASY way! | #diyflockedtree #flockedchristmastree

It’s true!! This spray is all you need. You literally shake and spray—and let it dry.  The white texture looks just like flocking, and there are no brushes or anything else that’s necessary.  SUPER easy, and super fast! I decided to do a light flocking, but you can do it as heavy or as light as you like.

How to Flock a Christmas Tree the EASY way! | #diyflockedtree #flockedchristmastree

You’ll need to put cardboard under your trees, with enough for overspray.  I laid out boxes in my garage, and with a few feet around the edge of each tree, and that was plenty.  I used one small can, and I was able to do three trees (between one and two feet) with some leftover.  It will depend on thick you want the flocking as to how much you’ll need.

I’m in love with how they turned out, and they’re perfect on my table!

I’m all about simple, and this really, really was.

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How to Flock a Christmas Tree the Easy Way

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  1. Do you think that you could have sprinkled a little glitter after spraying the texture, like it would have stuck to the texture? I want to try flocking but I really don’t want to have to buy the mix and a sifter and go through all that. LOL. I have a can of drywall texture…what a great idea.

    1. I think it’s totally worth a try! The mixture is wet when you first spray it on, so you’d have to add the glitter right away, so it would stick. Perhaps take an extra branch and experiment first!! Good luck–let me know how it works!!

  2. Love the idea & simplicity of flocking the Christmas tree! I will definitely try it! Looking forward to all your new ideas & decor for 2018! Happy New Year!

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