Simple farmhouse Christmas tablescape

I love decorating my table for the holidays, and it’s one of my favorite parts of my home when it’s all gussied up for Christmas. I’m not a fancy girl, but I love having a pretty table, and I want it to be both simple and beautiful. This year for my Simple Farmhouse Christmas Tablescape,  I used classic white dishes, burlap-wrapped trees, galvanized lanterns, a pop of red with cranberry trees, and a red grain stripe table runner.  My favorite part?  New dining room chairs that I adore, and the most darling mini boxwood wreaths tied on with red gingham ribbon. Best of all, I put it together in less than 15 minutes. Come on in and take a look!

Simple Farmhouse Christmas Tablescape |

I am so please with how everything turned out, and the fact that I was able to do it pretty quickly was even better!

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I am IN LOVE with my new dining room chairs. I did have benches on either side of my table, but I’ve always loved the look of chairs on one side and a bench on the other side, and it’s perfect.  I adore the cross on the back, and that they’re distressed.  These are called distressed white, but they are definitely more of a cream color. They also come in galvanized metal, which are super cute too. I tied mini boxwood wreaths on to the back of the chairs with red gingham ribbon, and they pull the whole look together.

Simple Farmhouse Christmas Tablescape | #farmhouseChristmas #Christmastablescape #Christmasdecor

On the table itself, I started with a red grain stripe runner, then added three burlap-wrapped trees that I frosted (super easy–tutorial coming soon) for a vintage look, and three cranberry trees to tie in the red from the gingham ribbon. I staggered them in the center of the table, then put a galvanized lantern on either end. They are less than $10 right now, so if you love them like I do, now is the time to grab them up! I love them because they’re so versatile–I use them all year round, and they’re perfect as part of my Christmas tablescape.

Simple Farmhouse Christmas Tablescape | #farmhouseChristmas #Christmastablescape #Christmasdecor

Simple Farmhouse Christmas Tablescape | #farmhouseChristmas #Christmastablescape #Christmasdecor

I love white dishes best.  I love that they’re classic and simple, and the epitome of farmhouse style.  I have round white dishes on the bottom, and the salad plate on top is scalloped around the edges, adding that extra bit of charm.

Simple Farmhouse Christmas Tablescape | #farmhouseChristmas #Christmastablescape #Christmasdecor

Simple, quick, and full of Christmas…this Christmas Tablescape is full of farmhouse charm!

Distressed White Dining Chair

Galvanized Lantern (less than $10 right now!!)

Scalloped White Salad Plates

Round Porcelain Dinner Plates

Simple Farmhouse Christmas Tablescape | #farmhouseChristmas #Christmastablescape #Christmasdecor

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