Simple Spring Flower Decor

Simple spring flower decor…use a mix of fresh and faux flowers to spruce up your home for spring.

As much as I love winter, I’m always so ready for spring.  There are so many wonderful things about it!  The air just smells different–crisp, clean, infused with blossoms and grass and all green things.  The sky is always a little bluer, the sun is finally peeking out from behind the clouds, and the flowers and trees are blooming.  

Spring Flower Decor

We are busy planning the planting of flowers and bushes outside, which since we just moved in during the fall months, it’s pretty bare out there! I’m a huge fan of bringing blooms inside, and decorating with flowers is my favorite way to spruce up my home for spring.

They add a beautiful simplicity to any space, and a pop of color to my otherwise neutral decor.  I like simple best–just a few pitchers of flowers around my home and it feels like spring! The best part is, flowers a simple and inexpensive way to spruce up your home for spring.

Spring Flower Decor

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Where I find flowers

My local grocery store sells a huge bunch of fresh tulips for $6 starting in January, and they offer them in a variety of colors. Each week I buy a bunch, alternating colors, and spread them throughout my home. Trader Joe’s and the farmer’s market (once it opens) are other sources I check for spring flowers.


I also supplement with faux flowers, because they last forever, and are overall less expensive.  A mix of fresh and faux works best for me, but I would love to have all fresh flowers all of the time! Some of my favorite places to look for faux flowers are IKEA, Target, Hobby Lobby, World Market, and even Amazon. Ranunculus and hydrangeas are two of my favorites, but whenever I see something I love, I’ll grab them up!

Favorite pitchers and containers

Simple, white pitchers are my favorite to display flowers, but I also like to utilize mason jars, galvanized pitchers, olive buckets, and large baskets. They are all neutral, and work with any type or color of flower.

Here’s a look at even more spaces in my home where I’ve added flowers to decorate for spring. Really simple, not much fuss.

Great room

Decorating with Flowers for Spring
Decorating with Flowers for Spring


kitchen pendant lighting
Spring Flower Decor
Decorating with Flowers for Spring

Dining room

Farmhouse Spring Home Tour
Winter at Old Salt Farm | Winter Home Tour | Farmhouse Style | Tulips

Aren’t flowers wonderful?  I love them so much!  I find my favorite flowers at my local grocery stores, and also farmers’ markets in our area.  Some of my go-to stores for faux flowers are Michael’s, JoAnn Fabrics, and Hobby Lobby.  Check for coupons first and wait for sales if you can–the nicer stems an be expensive, especially when you need several.


Spring Flowers Decor
Farmhouse Decor White Couches


Decorating with Flowers for Spring |
Farmhouse Style Guest Bedroom


Do you prefer fresh or faux flowers?

Both have their strengths! I love fresh best, but it can be more expensive if it’s too early in the season to be using your own grown flowers. If you can find quality faux flowers they can be used through different seasons, and give you versatility on a budget.

More spring decor ideas

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  1. I don’t know if scattering mothballs will repel the deer but it does help with moles and chipmunks. One year I planted 70 crocus bulbs (before I knew this trick); the critters left me one and a bunch of tunnels!! Daffodils are “poisonous” so no one eats them. Placing a layer of chicken wire over the bulbs might deter the deer. Urine and human hair (get lots from the hair dresser!) are supposed to work in the vegetable garden. Some bulb catalogs like Brecks mark the deer resistant types. I have had some critter (skunk or porcupine???) dig up daffs planted with bone meal caz they like to eat the bone meal, I have also been known to “plant” silk flowers in the yard and move them around. They are lovely in a pot on the porch or added to a pot whose flowers have gone by. I have wound petunia garlands around the lamp post and added clematis blossoms to my vine before it blooms. Of course, the pine garland with pointsettias is a Christmas standby. Past their prime pots of mums are awesome sprayed with hairspray, then sprinkled with glitter.

    Do you know why God gives me daffodils with short stems (the package says 22″ tall, I get 8-10″ stems)? I have to get down on my knees to smell them! He sure knows how to keep me humble!

    1. Thank you so much for all the tips and advice, I really appreciate it!!! And I love your last paragraph. So much. xoxo

  2. I love the decor of your home!!! You have excellent taste. How you manage all that you have on your plate I will never understand…..yet there is a simplicity about you. I appreciate that you are not ashamed to mention God and you and your family are apart of a church..

  3. You have excellent taste. How you manage all that you have on your plate I will never understand…..yet there is a simplicity about you. I appreciate that you are not ashamed to mention God and you and your family are apart of a church

  4. Try putting hair around your flowers. A co-worker of mine did this with her flowers that back up to a wooded area and she hasn’t had any problems since! She just uses whatever is on the brush after she brushes her hair or you could see if your local hair dresser would loan you some locks. :) Love your decor it is gorgeous! @Karabethdesigns

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