Cutest Farmhouse Chicken Coops

All the cutest farmhouse chicken coops, chock full of farmhouse charm style.

Now that we have chickens, I’ve been in the coop planning process. We are currently building one next to the barn, and it will be ready just in time for the chicks to be ready to move outside. In my search for ideas, I’ve come across a bunch of super cute coops that are ready to buy! If you’re on the hunt for an adorable farmhouse style chicken coop that’s ready to use, I’ve sharing some of my favorites, including both barn and cottage styles.

Adorable Farmhouse Chicken Coop

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Some of the cutest chicken coops I’ve ever seen are from a website actually called Cutest Coops! They are seriously adorable. I love the style, colors, accessories, and everything! The site features multiple sizes (including very large), both in-stock and custom orders, and a variety of accessories. You definitely pay for all of the cuteness, and the prices are on the higher end. But if it’s in your budget, and you love farmhouse style, you’ll certainly find something you love here. When we build our coop, it will look similar to these in style.

Cutest Chicken Coops

Hanover Coop

I adore the black and white style of this coop, and the cute black fence? Love it! It’s a smaller coop, fitting 2-3 chickens, and has a small run underneath it. If you need more space, you could always consider getting two of them. It’s also quite reasonable in price!


black and white farmhouse chicken coop

White Barn Coop

How cute is this coop? Of course I love it because it’s white. I think I’d paint the roof black, but the green is charming too. The barn doors are absolutely adorable, along with the black hardware. It’s on the smaller side, most likely comfortably fitting 2 or maybe 3 chickens. It does come with a nesting box, ramp, perches, and slide-out leaning tray.


white barn chicken coop

Green Cottage Coop

How darling is this cottage style coop? I’m loving the doors, the green color, and the planting box. It only holds two chickens, but if you’re looking for a small coop, this one is super cute.


Green Cottage Style Chicken Coop

Hopwood Coop

I’ve always loved red barns, and that’s exactly what this coop looks like! The description says it will hold 6-8 hens, but it’s on the smaller side. Based on the reviews, I’d only put 2-3 chickens inside.


barn style chicken coop red and white

Gambrel Roof

This darling coop has two sizes, one that fits 5-6 chickens, and one for 9-12 chickens. A super cute gambrel style roof adds to its charm, and I love the gray and white. With nesting boxes, roosting bars a ramp, and removable tray for cleaning, it’s ready to be a home.


Gray Barn Chicken Coop

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