Best Family Board Games

A collection of the best family board games…for hours of family fun! 

Best Family Board Games

Our family loves board games, and it’s one of our favorite ways to spend time together.  When you invest in board games, it means you are investing in hours of quality time with your kids. Whether it’s a weekly family game night, holiday gatherings, a snowy or rainy afternoon, or date night with one of your kids, it’s never a bad time to play a game together!

I’ve made a list of 1o of our very favorite games. All of them we own and have played many times.  Most of them are award winning or have really great reviews…because they really are the most fun!  The majority of these games are rated for ages 8 and above, although a couple of them are for 6 or 7 and above. My twin boys are just over age 8, and they actually started playing many of these by the time they turned 7. It really just depends on your child, but it might be worth trying just to see!  If you’re looking for games for younger ages, I’ve also got a list of favorite board games for ages 4-8.

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ages 8+

Santorini | Best Family Board Games

Word on the Street Junior

They have a version for adults  (10+) too…one of our favorites.  SO fun!

ages 7+


ages 8+

Kingdomino | Best Family Board Games


ages 10+

Splendor | Best Family Board Games

Kingdom Builder

ages 8+

Kingdom Builder | Best Family Board Games

King of Tokyo

ages 8+

King of Tokyo | Best Family Board Games

The Magic Labryinth

ages 6+

The Magic Labryinth | Best Family Board Games

Cover Your Assets

ages 8+

Cover Your Assets | Best Family Board Games

Settlers of Catan

ages 8+

Settlers of Catan | Best Family Board Games

Ticket to Ride

Ages 8+

Ticket to Ride | Best Family Board Games

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