Favorite Family Games: ages 4-8

 Our family loves games, and I’m going to share our favorites list with you today! These are tried and true–we’ve played them a million times, with five of our kids plus others, and they are ones we love, and play again and again. The ones I’m highlighting are most appropriate for ages 4-8.  Four of our children are in this age range (2 four year olds and 2 seven year olds), so we play a lot of games that work for this range.

If you’re looking for a great gift for your family or another family, games are a great way to go–it’s fun spent together as a family, and can be played over and over again.  If you’re looking for some fun games for your family, check out our favorites list!

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Favorite Family Board Games…Ages 4-8

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1. Zingo

This is in our definite top three, if not the most favorite of all!  It’s a Bingo game that’s not only a ton of fun, but teaches image and vocabulary recognition, plus matching, memory, and concentration.  Seriously, my kids can plan this over…and over…and over….you get the idea!  It comes in several variations, including numbers, bilingual (which we have), and sight words.  It’s for ages 4-8, but my kids have played it as young as an older 2/early 3.

2. Sequence Letters

What fun this is!  Sequence for Kids features animals, but I prefer the one with letters for my little ones.  I love any opportunity to reinforce letters and sounds, and this game is a great way to do that.  The age range is 4-7, but our 3 year olds have played before–with a little help.  We just team them up with an older child or adult, and they love to play too!

3. Blokus 

Blokus is a strategy game that’s intended for 5+.  We love it as adults, and play it all the time, but kids love it too.  I do recommend that they be 5 years old to play, but this one is a game for the whole family.  Put the babies to bed, and play this together, your kids will love it, and so will you!  I love games that are fun for adults too, and this one definitely is.


Oh, how my boys love this game!  They are four years old, and they’ll play this, just the two of them, and it cracks me up to watch them.  It actually says it’s for 6 +, but you can totally play this with younger kids, just by altering the way you play.  The board is covered with tons of pictures, and you have to be the first one to find the picture on the card that’s drawn.  There are cards with words (clues), and cards with pictures only, and when we play with the younger kids, we only use the picture cards.

5. Ticket To Ride

This is a definite favorite!  This is a huge award winner in Europe, and one of the most popular specialty games of all time.  It’s worth buying, and one your family can play for a long time!  It is intended for ages 8 and up, and so it’s on the higher end of the range, but if you have a older 6 or 7 year old that loves games, you could totally introduce them to it.

6.  Qwirkle Board Game

This is an award winning game that’s great for ages 6 and up. Once again, if you have a younger child that loves games, it’s always worth a try.  Using colored, wooden blocks, players attempt to score the most points by building lines that share the same shape or color. The simple setup makes it great for younger kids, while adults will enjoy strategizing to win. This is another one that’s fun for kids and adults alike.

7. Sorry! 

This is an oldie, but a goodie!  It’s always a fun one at our house!

8.  Card Games: Bicycle Classic Kid’s Card Games (Go Fish, Old Maid)
Slap Jack

These card games are great for ages 3 and up, which makes them perfect for the littlest ones at your house!  Learning to hold cards is great for their motor skills, and my kids love all of these games.  Slap Jack is a particular favorite.  ☺

9.  Connect 4 

A HUGE favorite at our house! Even my baby likes to practice putting them in the slots, and dividing them by color.

10.  Clue 

My girls have recently really gotten into this game, and my 5 year old boys love to get in on the action too! We love it!

I hope you’ll enjoy these games as much as we have! Take a look at our Favorite Board Games that are great for ages 7+!


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