Beachy Farmhouse Bedroom Decor

Add a beachy feel to your farmhouse style bedroom with these adorable coastal farmhouse decor ideas that are perfect for summer…and all year long!

Beachy Farmhouse Bedroom Decor

There are many similarities between coastal and farmhouse styles, which makes it easy to incorporate them together. Weathered woods, neutral colors including white and cream, wicker baskets, textured pillows, cozy throws, nautical navy…so many of my favorite things really work for both styles. Summer is an especially fun time to add in a splash of coastal charm to your farmhouse decor, and I’m excited to share some of my favorite finds with you!

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One of my go-to places to find home decor is Walmart. They have more than 75 million products available on their website! It means they have a huge selection of home decor, and some of the best brands out there. Better Homes & Gardens is a personal favorite, but there are so many more.

Coastal Farmhouse Pillows & Throws

I often change my pillows and throws throughout the year, because it’s the easiest and most cost effective way to switch things up. Whether it’s for a different season, or just because I want a change, they’re where I start. I love navy or chambray with white or cream–such a perfect combination for coastal farmhouse style.

Beachy Farmhouse Wall Decor

Whether you’re on the beach or you really want to be, these darling accessories will add the perfect touch.

Beach + Farmhouse Furniture

I just love weathered wood or white farmhouse furniture and they work so well for both the coastal cottage style and farmhouse style. If you love both styles, and want to be able to incorporate them easily, take a look at these!

Coastal Farmhouse Accents & Accessories

Whether it’s new bedding, a fun table lamp, rug, or wicker basket, all of these darling accent pieces and accessories will add coastal farmhouse style to your space!

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