Quick And Easy Breakfast Ideas For Busy Mornings

Tackle those busy mornings with this quick and easy breakfast idea! Yummy mini waffles that you or your kids can make in less than ten minutes!

School mornings have the potential to be pretty busy, and I’m always on the hunt for easy ways to make things run more smoothly. Making sure my kids have a healthy breakfast is important, but I usually feel like we’re pressed for time. Despite how much we prepare the night before, the mornings can feel like a rush. One of my favorite ways to beat that rush is with this quick & easy breakfast idea, and my kids absolutely love it!

Breakfast Hack for Busy Mornings Easy Waffles

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Quick and Easy Breakfast Idea: Mini Waffles

One of our favorite breakfasts is waffles, but I don’t usually have time to make the batter in the mornings. With kids leaving at different times for the bus, it makes for a busy routine. Even though I on occasion buy frozen waffles, I prefer homemade, healthier options. So I came up with a quick and easy way for the kids to not only have waffles, but make their own!

Items you need to make Quick waffles

How it works

You’re going to love how easy this is! I mix up enough waffle batter to last 3 mornings, then pour it into squeeze bottles. Labeling the bottles helps everyone to know what’s inside, especially because I make two different types of batter.

Breakfast Hack for Busy Mornings Easy Waffles

In the mornings, all the kids have to do is plug in the mini waffle makers, which heat up in minutes. Then they add the batter to the waffle maker using the squeeze bottles. Soon they have hot waffles for breakfast, and the total time is easily less than 10 minutes!

Breakfast Hack for Busy Mornings Easy Waffles
Breakfast Hack for Busy Mornings Easy Waffles

I love that they’re getting a homemade, hot breakfast–and this option is much less expensive than buying frozen waffles.

As the parent, you’ll need to judge at what age your child is old enough to do this without supervision. It’s easy enough for my 8-9 year old to do. If your kids are younger, this is still a super fast way for you to make breakfast for them in the mornings.

Tips & Tricks

  • I’ve linked to two different types of squeeze bottles above. The first link is to the ones we have at our house. The tip is very small, so I needed to use scissors to snip more off the top so the batter would come out more easily. I already had them on hand, so I decided to try them first. After trimming the top, they worked perfectly. I also linked to a specific type of bottle intended for pancake batter. It’s more expensive, but you may prefer that route.
  • The first time I did this I thought I’d need a funnel to fill the bottles. It actually didn’t work as well as I thought, and I was able to just take the lid off the bottles and pour it slowly.
  • The mini waffle makers are so so adorable! They come in a ton of different colors, and even a couple of patterns. I recently purchased a couple for Valentine’s Day that we can use the whole year. And at only $10 each, I could get one for each child! They have their own color, which makes it really easy for them, and less debating over who’s next in line.
I love that they're getting a homemade, hot breakfast--and this option is much less expensive than buying frozen waffles.

How long does waffle batter last in the fridge?

This is definitely something you’ll want to keep in mind, since there are raw eggs in the batter. According to the FDA, raw eggs can be refrigerated for 2-4 days. I make the batter on an evening, and make enough for three mornings–which would be about 2.5 days. On that third morning, I use up any remaining batter by making as many waffles as possible. Then I refrigerate or freeze those waffles for later use, and the kids can heat them up.

This is hands down one of my kids’ favorite breakfasts, and is on repeat pretty often. They also really like making them for an after school snack!

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