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I have been receiving comments and emails about if and when I would be posting a 2015 Summer Schedule, and it totally took me off guard, because we still have two months of school left.  So for all of you lucky ducks that get out in May, I thought I should get this posted now!

Keep your summers organized with the printable 2015 Summer Schedule | free printable |

I LOVE having this spreadsheet for our summer schedule, and after using it for several years, I can’t imagine a summer without it. There is always so much going on–concerts in the park, park days, library story times, ball games—-and while we’re not going to go to every single one of them, I want to know when they are in case we can go.  There just isn’t room on my regular calendar for all of that information, plus when you adding swimming lessons, vacations, and summer camps, it’s really ridiculous. Yes, summers are supposed to be a break, and a little more relaxing, but when you have kids, there’s always something that needs to be scheduled.  I also like having a plan–knowing what’s available to do, and then being able to choose if we want to do it!

I created this spreadsheet to fit several items on each day, for every day of the week throughout the summer.  It’s an excel file, so you can go in and edit it–add all of your own info, then either print it out or keep it on your computer.

If you print it, you can do a couple of different things:

-laminate it, and hang it on the fridge!

-put it in a binder in your command center! You can either slide it into a sheet protector or punch along the top to fit onto the rings.

-put it in a cute frame, and use a fine-tipped sharpie to write on the glass if necessary

If you keep it on your computer: 

-upload it to Google docs!  This is especially helpful when you’re on the go, or if more than person (spouse or significant other) needs to also have access to it.

Even if you’re planning a totally carefree and laid-back summer (which sounds really good about now!), it’s nice just to have all of your options in front of you. That way, when Thursday night is coming around, and you see there’s a concert in the park that night, you can decide if it’s something you can and want to do.

Hope this helps keep your summer happy and organized!  :)


Editable Summer Schedule & Calendar

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! I used your calendar last summer and it was a HUGE help in planning!!!

  2. love this calendar and use it every summer! do you know when the 2019 version will be available?

    1. It’s now updated…find it here!! xoxo

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