“Orange” You Glad it’s Summer? Fun Summer Gift Idea!

I’ve always loved doing something for my kids to kick off the summer, and it’s varied from year to year.  I’ve done bigger things, like a huge surprise water balloon fight or an ice cream party, and other times I’ve given fun & simple “summer” gifts or taken them out to get ice cream or Slurpees to celebrate. This year I have a really cute & easy summer gift idea… “Orange You Glad It’s Summer”?

This cute tag can be added to pretty much anything orange, and tailored for lots of different people…friends, teachers, and kids.

Orange You Glad It's Summer | Free Printable & Gift Idea | oldsaltfarm.com

“Orange You Glad” Ideas

We still have another month of school, so I’m still deciding exactly what I’m going to add for my kids,  but I’m packaging up lots of orange snacks, treats and small items in a metal pail for the last day of school. Some ideas include…

  • Cheetos
  • Orange Tic-tacs
  • Orange Otter Pops (Freezer Pops)
  • Goldfish
  • Orange Crush/Orange Fanta
  • Orange stickers
  • Orange flip-flops

You can add anything you want!

Orange You Glad It's Summer | Free Printable & Gift Idea | oldsaltfarm.com

Teacher Gift Idea…

You could tie it around candy/chocolate in an orange wrapper, or even put together a bunch of small things in a cute pail. They don’t have to be all orange, but with orange accents to tie it all in together.

  • Gift card (pick out an orange one, or put it in an orange envelope)
  • Candy/Chocolate
  • Magazine
  • Hand Soap
  • Antibacterial Soap

Bath and Body Works has orange lotion and hand sanitizer, and it would be so cute with this tag tied on!

Friend Gift Idea…

A cute jar filled with orange candy, or tied around a chocolate bar with an orange wrapper would be adorable!

Fun for summer entertaining! 

Tie them on to paper straws, place in the center of plates as table decor, use them as place cards, or tied to party favors!


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Orange You Glad It's Summer

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