Hot Chocolate Station For Your Kitchen

Put together a simple hot chocolate station for your kitchen…enjoy it with your family and friends and stay cozy the entire holiday and winter season!

A sign of the holidays at our house is when the Hot Cocoa Station appears on the kitchen counter. My kids absolutely love this tradition, and it stays out through the winter.

I keep it simple…just a few of the basics to make the yummiest hot chocolate on a chilly day. Which around here is every day! On special occasions, during parties, and every once in awhile, I’ll pull out even more ingredients, but for every day, the basics are our favorite. A kettle, hot chocolate mix, marshmallows, and peppermint sticks—-and a little whipping cream we keep in the fridge.

We love love homemade hot chocolate, and make it often through the season, and even though I have the fastest & yummiest recipe ever, it’s not something we make every day. But for every day use and convenience, a hot chocolate mix is the perfect answer. And it just looks so cute on the counter, and adds so much holiday cheer!

Hot Chocolate Station For Your Kitchen

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All you need is a few supplies to make your own Hot Chocolate Station! I use a small counter space next to the stove, so I can have the kettle close by. You can also place everything on a tray and put it on your island, or another convenient spot.

Hot Chocolate Station

I started using clear apothecary jars to to put my marshmallows and peppermint sticks in, and they work perfectly. The hot chocolate jar is a large clear canister. I keep a tablespoon in the jar for easy measuring.

Hot Chocolate Station For Your Kitchen
Hot Chocolate Station for Your Kitchen

I’ve used crushed peppermint in the past, but I came across these adorable striped candy sticks at Target for a dollar a piece, and I couldn’t resist them. Let’s just say I stocked up!

Oh, I just love it! It brings coziness to our kitchen, and invites holiday cheer into our home. So many memories are made around the table or piled around the kitchen island, drinking hot chocolate. It’s more than just a yummy drink, it’s the creator of wonderful family time together.

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Hot Chocolate Station for Your Kitchen

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