Favorite Patio Furniture For Your Budget

A collection of favorite patio furniture and decor from several stores, to fit every budget!

I decided a few weeks ago that we needed to build a pergola on our back patio. Since we are in the middle of quarantine right now, and my husband is working from home, I thought it was the perfect time. The back of our house is really sunny in the afternoon and early evening, and I have really been wanting to add a little shade so we can enjoy it a bit more.

With a pergola in our future, I’ve been looking around for new patio decor and furniture. I’m deciding between sectionals or separates, which table and chairs to get, if I want a rug or not, and lots of other details. Since I’ve been on the hunt, I thought I’d share my findings with you, in case you were also in the market.

Favorite Patio Furniture

I’ve gathered some of the cutest patio furniture from three stores—Wayfair, Amazon, and Target. Now to decide…that’s going to be the hardest part!

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Wayfair Patio Furniture

Amazon Patio Furniture

Favorite Amazon Patio Decor

Target Patio Furniture

Favorite Target Patio Decor

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