Farmhouse Christmas Stockings

A collection of farmhouse Christmas stockings to hang on you hearth and bring class farmhouse style to your Christmas decor!

Stockings hung by the fire…it’s one of my favorite parts of Christmas decor. There’s just something so warm and cozy about Christmas stockings, which is probably why they always catch my eye. I’d have at least 10 sets, if I could! Even when we didn’t have a hearth or a mantel, I loved the way they added Christmas coziness to the room.

Cozy Christmas Decor

I’m always drawn to the farmhouse style Christmas stockings, in all their different varieties and fabrics. My favorites include ticking, gingham check, cream cable knit, wool, red stripes, linen, french grain stripe…oh, there’s so many! If you are looking to infuse farmhouse Christmas charm into your home, stockings are a great place to start. They can really set the tone for the entire room. I have a couple of different sets that I rotate from year to year, depending on my decor.

Farmhouse Christmas Stockings

I’ve gathered some of my favorites in varying fabrics, patterns, and colors, but all with a farmhouse coziness that’s irresistible. Hang them on your hearth, from your mantel, on hooks, in a doorway, or along a banister! You can always use extra stockings in different places other than your fireplace or hearth, as Christmas decor.

Stockings also make really fun gifts, and unique wrapping idea. Tuck your gift inside the stocking or fill with yummy treats. Tie a big ribbon through the loop of the stocking, and you’re ready to give to a friend or loved one.

Farmhouse Christmas Stockings

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