Simple Thanksgiving & Fall Farmhouse Table Centerpiece

A simple and neutral Thanksgiving & fall table centerpiece that’s so easy to put together! Perfect for fall decor and entertaining.

Farmhouse Fall Table Centerpiece

Every fall we go to our favorite apple orchard to pick apples. In addition to apples, they have piles of all kinds of pumpkins. They have the traditional orange, and a lot of white (my favorite), but also heirloom, and a bunch of other varieties that are just so interesting. I love looking through them all, and deciding how I’m going to decorate for the year.

This year I really wanted to go more neutral. I’m always drawn to the white and blue heirloom, and I love the combo. So I piled my wagon high, looking for the ones with the most interesting stems. Even though I didn’t know exactly what I would do with them, I knew they would be perfect somewhere.

Farmhouse Fall Table Centerpiece

Farmhouse Fall Table Centerpiece

When I got home, I ended up wishing I had gotten more of them! I piled them on my front porch, in baskets, and finally, on our kitchen table. When paired with greenery and a table runner, it’s a simple and lovely arrangement that will be perfect for the fall months.

I usually have a lot of luck with these types of pumpkins, and they’ll last for me until Thanksgiving if I get them toward the end of September. I did look for faux white pumpkins this year, and I may get a few to supplement in future years.

Farmhouse Fall Table Centerpiece

To create this simple centerpiece, you need white and blue heirloom pumpkins–small to medium size, greenery, and a grain stripe table runner. (I have links to mine at the bottom of the post.)

Lay down your table runner first, then add your medium sized pumpkins. I like things to be symmetrical, so I typically have the same color on both ends, and in the middle, then do every other one with the other color.

Farmhouse Fall Table Centerpiece

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Next I took my greenery garland and wound it through the pumpkins–in back of one, in front of the next, and so forth–until I reached the other side. I absolutely love this garland–it’s so full, and a combination of eucalyptus, apple boxwood leaves, and more.

To finish, I tucked in some of the tiny white pumpkins for a little more depth and contrast to the larger size. Perfect! And it took me only about 15 minutes or so, which is one of the best parts.

Farmhouse Fall Table Centerpiece

I just love it! Are you having a fall wedding? It would also be an easy and gorgeous idea for table centerpieces–works both indoors and out.

And how lovely for your Thanksgiving table! it would really be perfect for any fall party or gathering decor.

Farmhouse Fall Table Centerpiece
Farmhouse Fall Table Centerpiece


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Farmhouse Fall Table Centerpiece

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