Easy Personalized DIY Christmas Ornaments

  This year, since all of our Christmas decorations and ornaments are in storage, we decided to have a “homemade” tree, and make all of our ornaments.  Since I love all things personalized,  these easy DIY Christmas ornaments were the perfect choice.  They are budget-friendly, super easy, and take just an hour to make!

Easy Personalized Christmas Ornaments | oldsaltfarm.com

Seriously, they could not be any easier, or any cuter! I bought all the supplies at Michael’s, and made both sets in just a couple of hours, including the drying time.  They would be darling not only on your tree, but as gifts!  Instead of numbers on the Chalkboard Tag Ornament, write a name or saying instead for teachers, friends, neighbors, and more.  The initial ornaments would also be super cute as gift tags–or even a place card. So many options!


Here’s how I did it…


Chalkboard Tag Ornaments:

-rectangle wooden tags

-chalkboard spray paint



Initial Ornaments:

-wooden letters



-spray paint


Easy Personalized Christmas Ornaments | oldsaltfarm.com

Easy Personalized Christmas Ornaments | oldsaltfarm.com


Chalkboard Tag Ornaments:

1.  Spray the rectangle tags with chalkboard spray paint, and let dry completely.

2.  Drill a hole in the top of the tag, and thread ribbon through to create a loop.

3.  I used a chalk marker to write numbers–one for each member of our family. You can use letters, names, quotes, whatever you like! You could also use vinyl if you prefer!

Initial Ornaments:

1.  Spray paint letters and let dry completely.

2.  Drill hole in top of letter (where it makes the most sense–it will differ from letter to letter), and thread jute or ribbon through it to create  loop.

3.  Lightly sand if desired!

That’s it!!! SO SO easy and adorable…totally my kind of project.  :)

Easy Personalized Christmas Ornaments | oldsaltfarm.com

Easy Personalized Christmas Ornaments | oldsaltfarm.com

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  1. Thanks, Kierste! I’m going to paint the wooden letters silver and use chalk paint to distress them. The chalk paint will wipe off/rinse off with a damp cloth; no sanding! I also thought I’d buy miss-matched letters on the clearance aisle. You’re awesome!

  2. I hate to be the girl that asks but did you buy the wood letters at a large chain store? And if so what one? My local store used to carry these exact letters and I loved them and they no longer do, so I’m hoping you perhaps bought them some where that I could order them online from :)

    1. I don’t mind you asking at all! I got them at Michael’s, but I’ll bet you could find them online somewhere. These are about 4-5 inches tall, if that helps!

  3. Great idea! And thanks for the info on where you found the letters. I’ve been looking for letters to add my kids’ initials over their hooks in a closest. Love the look of the ones you used and the painting/sanding.

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