Coziest Winter Snow Boots for Women

A collection of the coziest winter snow boots for women that are sure to get you through the cold and snowy season, and keep your feet dry and toasty!

Coziest Winter Snow Boots for Women

I really love winter..snow and all! But because of where I live, having the coziest winter snow boots that can get me through the season with warm and dry feet is at the top of my list. Investing in a great pair of boots means they can last for years, and most importantly, help you not only survive the wet and snow and cold, but be comfortable at the same time! I’ve gathered a list of some of the best around, with different budgets in mind.

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  1. Arhus Duck Feet Pebbled Leather Boot
  2. Sorel Joan of Arctic Snow Boots
  3. The North Face Shellista II
  4. Sorel Caribou
  5. Columbia Heavenly Omni Heat
  6. Tom’s Vista Water-Resistant Boot
  7. Dream Pairs Mid-Calf
  8. Polar Quilted Short Boots
  9. Globalwin Snow Boots

The first six on the list are more expensive. The would definitely be more of an investment. I own a couple of boots on the list, and they’re ones I’ll have for a very long time. Sorel boots tend to be on the heavier side–they’re not going to feel like a cloud–but in heavy snow and extreme cold, my feet are always warm.

I do understand, however, being on a budget, and so I included three pair (the last three) that are less than $70. My girls each have one of them on the list, and they love them. The Dream Pairs are super cute, and come in several different color combinations.

I also have a couple on the list that aren’t as much for tromping through the snow–numbers 1 and 6. But they’re going to keep your feet warm in cold weather, and definitely can be on the list as a winter staple.

Keep warm!!!

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  1. These all look perfect! I need to add some new boots to my closet this year!


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