Bunny Bingo

A darling Bunny Bingo game that’s perfect for entertaining kids in the classroom, at parties, or at home during this spring and Easter season!

bunny tail bingo | oldsaltfarm.com

Ah, spring is in the air! I love winter, but I’m always so happy when I hear the birds start chirping, and blossoms starting to appear. The smell of spring is one of the best smells ever!  Easter also happens during the spring, which means easter egg hunts, bunnies, chicks, and even more.  I created this simple and fun game to celebrate the holiday with my kids, and it’s perfect for home, school, and more! 

We’ve already played this several times at our house, and my kids beg to play it about a million more.  They all love the candy, of course, but I love that it’s also teaching my cute four year old boys their numbers. I play it during the day with them, and I can add in more educational aspects.

It’s also just FUN.  This would be a perfect game for a classroom party, Easter party or gathering, entertaining kids while Easter dinner is being prepared, or just because!  You can use any small Easter candy you have, or even mini marshmallows—for little tails.  ☺ I usually use Easter M&M’s, or any other candy I have on hand. You could also use non-sweet snacks too–raisins, pretzels, whatever you like!

The Bunny Bingo set includes 6 different Bingo cards, and a set of numbers for the caller.


Bunny Bingo Cards PDF


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