Black Farmhouse Kitchen Faucet

Updating our kitchen with this gorgeous black farmhouse kitchen faucet!

Farmhouse Kitchen Faucet

We built our home four years ago, and before we even moved in, we were having trouble with our original kitchen faucet. I loved the way it looked, but we ended up replacing the same part three times over that time span. Finally I decided enough was enough!

Black Farmhouse Kitchen Faucet

When I started looking for a new faucet, I knew I wanted it to be black or iron. Originally that had been my plan, but ended up going with chrome the first time around. I do love both, but I think this kitchen really was meant to have a black faucet! It complements the white cabinets, marble countertops, and wood island. And I just love the contrast with the white.

Farmhouse Kitchen Faucet

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So I went on the hunt, and found several I liked but that were out of my price range. I knew I wanted to be the same setup as my old one, so we didn’t have to add any more holes. I was thrilled when I came across this faucet–I knew it was perfect! Not only did it have awesome reviews, it was on sale. A win-win!

Black Farmhouse Kitchen Faucet

Within a few days it arrived, and we set out to get it installed. It didn’t take too long, and soon we were using our brand new faucet. I’m SO happy with it. It feels heavy and of good quality. The sprayer is strong (but not crazy), the knobs turn easily, the faucet height gives great clearance, and I absolutely adore the way it looks.

Black Farmhouse Kitchen Faucet

Where you can find it:

  • Wayfair! This is where I bought mine.
  • I also found it on Amazon Prime. It was slightly more expensive on there at the time, so I ordered it on Wayfair. However, as of this post going live, it’s $10 less on Amazon, with free shipping. It’s worth taking a look at both!

P.S. If you love brass, it’s also gorgeous in that metal as well!

Black Farmhouse Kitchen Faucet

And check out my laundry room faucet too! I love it!

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    1. The black finish has held up really well on the faucet itself–no scratches. The sprayer however, is showing scratches and a bit of wear–it’s definitely the most touched part of the faucet! It hasn’t bugged me yet, but we’ll see how it goes in the next months to year. I still recommend it as of now–I love it in my kitchen, and the price is reasonable. I haven’t been able to find another one that’s similar for the same cost.

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