Best Gifts for Tween Girls: Holiday Gift Guide

A holiday gift guide that includes the best gifts for tween girls–ages 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12!

My twin girls are tweens, and I just love this age group! They’re on the verge of wanting to grow up, and but are still young.  My holiday gift guide is a mix of both of those things!

Best Gifts for Tween Girls | Holiday Gift Guide

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Instax Camera

My girls don’t have phones (and won’t for a long time, lol), but they love to take pictures, so this super cute Instax camera is the perfect thing!  Comes in a bunch of adorable colors…and then the cases are even cuter!

Instax Camera | Best Gifts for Tween Girls

Don’t forget the case and fun film!

Fun Film for an Instax Camera–Rainbow, Stained Glass, and more!

Instax case

There are just SO many cute ones to choose from!

Instax Camera and case | Best Gifts for Tween Girls

Lego Friends

Legos are hugely popular at our house.  It’s one toy that we’re never afraid to buy more of, because all my kids play with them. The Lego Friends line is super cute, which really just makes it hard to choose between them!

Lego Friends | Best Gifts for Tween Girls

Hogwarts Great Hall Legos Set

I couldn’t resist putting a second set of Legos on this list, because…well…Harry Potter!   Bring the books to life with this awesome Hogwarts set.

Lip Balm Lab

A mix of science and lip balm…irresistible!

Lip Balm Lab | Best Gifts for Tween Girls

Electric Razor Scooter

This has been a HUGE hit at our house! One of my girls got this for Christmas a couple of years ago, and all of my kids were begging her for a turn…and still do.

Roller Skates

I love gifts that get my kids outside and physically active, and roller skates is a great way to do that.  We have a basket of roller skates, and pass them down as they’re grown out of…they are definitely a favorite at our house. Plus…they have some really cute styles now that make them even more fun!

Land of Stories Complete Set

Books are always a good gift idea! Land of Stories is such a fun series, and appeals to a wide audience.  (I also have another list of Chapter Books for Girls!)


Have your kids jumped on this trend?  My girls are obsessed with Squishies!!! They’re fun gifts, and  stocking stuffers

American Girl Baking

The American Girl collection of cookbooks are SO well done. We own all of them, including Cooking, Breakfast & Brunch, and Parties. They’re easy to follow, have yummy recipes, and help kids get their first practice in the kitchen.  Love!

Lip Smackers Lip Gloss Friendship Set

Lip Smackers bring me back to my childhood, and I love that they are still around and going strong.  This friendship set is extra cute–perfect for a gift or stocking stuffer!

Candy Pop Gel Pens

My girls both have these on their list this year! A great pick if you have an art lover, or tween that loves to draw or doodle….or that loves fun colors!

Happy Shopping!!!!

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