Are your kids arguing? Try a kindness punch card!

One of the hardest things about having all my kids home in the summer is the arguing.  Don’t get me wrong–they are really good kids, and they do well most of the time, but being home all together all of the time tends to cause more disagreements and disruptions than usual.  It certainly doesn’t help that we are in a very small space, pretty much on top of each other, and without most of their toys and games, but even other summers in the past it was an issue. Does your family struggle with this too?

Today I decided something had to be done.  They need a little extra motivation to be kind even when it’s hard–even when one of their siblings does something that bugs them or that they don’t like.  So…I created a kindness punch card, and I’m hoping that giving them a little incentive will help the peace in our home, but also help them to think twice before reacting negatively. It will also give me the opportunity to really look for and focus on the good choices they’re making, which also helps to set the tone. I’m looking forward to trying it–we’re starting today!

Are your kids arguing? Try Kindness Punch Cards! |

I’ve always preferred to give positive reinforcement for good behavior as much as I can, and encourage my kids to make good choices from the beginning. I’ve had a lot of success in other areas that we’ve needed to work on using a similar method, so I thought I’d give it a try for this too!

How it works:  

Each child can have their own punch card, and every time I see an act of kindness OR see them choose to not react negatively to a situation, then they get a punch. When they’ve filled a punch card, they can turn it in for a prize, or save them up for a bigger prize.

If you don’t want to use a punch card, and simplify it even more.  Laminate the larger printable I’m sharing, and then use a dry erase marker to write your kids’ names and to make tally marks.

We are actually using a large chalkboard that was already hanging in our family/dining room space, and since it’s so visible, it’s a great reminder to all of the kids all of the time.

This concept can really be used in a variety of ways–however it works best for your family!

Prize examples:

a trip to get ice cream, a late night to stay up past their bedtime, picking out a book from the bookstore, gift cards to Amazon, date night with mom and dad, choosing the family activity, plus other tangible prizes like candy, art supplies, etc.

I’m really excited to start this — here’s to a more peaceful summer!


Kindness Punch Cards Pink

Kindness Punch Cards Orange

Kindness Tally Page Orange

Kindness Tally Page Pink


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  1. You must have my mind. I’ve been thinking I need to do something like this, but have not had time to make anything. My kids play together well, but after being home together for several week the disagreements and picking on each other has increased. I also like the reward good behavior rather punish. We did a penny reward jar once, but I was looking for something new and fresh. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes–that’s exactly me! You are welcome–hopefully it will help both of us! :) xoxo

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