Air Fryer Cooking Times

Looking for air fryer cooking times? Download this free printable cheat sheet for your kitchen to have right at your fingertips!

We hopped on the air fryer bandwagon a couple years ago, and haven’t looked back. It’s in the top three most used appliances in our kitchen, especially by my kids. We often had to search online for the cook times of different items we were making, so I created this air fryer cooking times cheat sheet to save us time and make it easier!

Air Fryer Cooking Times Cheet Sheet

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My kids love to get out the air fryer every afternoon after school, on the weekends, and for late-night snacks. I’ve found that quite a few frozen food packages will include cooking times and temperature settings for air fryers, but there are many that don’t. They also like to cook other items that aren’t packaged at all, and then they really don’t know where to start. I’ve felt the same way when I’m using it.

The result is that we were very often searching online for some guidance on the settings for what we want to make. To save them (and me) some time, I created a quick reference sheet that I hang inside our cabinet. It works so well! While there can be some variance in cooking times and temperatures, and not every item will fall within the information listed, it’s a good starting point.

Air Fryer Cooking Times Cheat Sheet

How to use

The times listed on the cheat sheet are based on established recipes for those particular items, but it is a starting point. Because this is a generalized list, there are few things to keep in mind.

Air fryer wattages and sizes differ, so these times may need to be altered depending on the wattage of your particular air fryer.

Times may also need to be altered based on the size of your air fryer, as well as how much food in the basket. If the basket is full, it’s going to take more time than just a few items.

These times are based on an air fryer that has been preheated. Just like preheating your oven, it makes cooking times more accurate.

For most of these items, it’s suggested that you turn over or flip them at the halfway point. Shaking the basket of fries works well to help them cook evenly.

Once you download and print the guide, hang it in a convenient place in your kitchen. I like the inside of the cabinet right above the counter we plug in our air fryer when using it. It also keeps it clean, since it’s tucked away with the cabinet closed most of the time. You could also laminate it, so you could wipe off any spills or drips.


What air fryer do you use?

We have a Ninja air fryer that I bought several years ago. We like it a lot, but I’m looking at getting another air fryer version with two baskets instead of one.

Will these listed times ever need to be adjusted?

Yes, they may need to be adjusted, based on the size and wattage of your air fryer, as well as how much food is in the basket. These are approximate times that provide a good starting point.

What are the recipes these times are based on?

Here are the links and list of the air fryer recipes.

Air Fryer Cooking Times Cheat Sheet


Print on to white cardstock or kraft cardstock. It’s sized to fit a regular 8.5×11 sheet of paper.

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