10+ Fun & Creative Valentine Boxes

 If you are making classroom valentines at your house, odds are that you probably have to create a valentine box to go with them. It’s on our list of things to do this week, too!  I’ve gathered a few really creative and fun ideas that range from a little more detailed to some that are easier and a little faster to put together.  I love that Valentine boxes can really be an expression of your child, depending on what you make, and how it’s decorated. It’s also just a fun thing that can be done together!!!

10+ Creative Valentine Boxes

Creative & Fun Valentine Boxes

valentine pail title

valentine pail, old salt farm

Instead of a box, use a tin pail!  I think they make such a fun valentine box…plus they’re super fast and easy too!

felt valentine box

diy felt envelopes, the crafting chicks

Can I just say that I LOVE these?  I love them even more because they are no-sew. :)  These would be so fun for school or home!


sweetheart mailbox, fiskars

There are a million ideas out there for cute mailboxes like this, and they have been popular for awhile–I can see why!  Target has them in their one spot, so it would be great place to snatch them up for cheap.  You could also try a local craft store.  I love them–so fun!


re-purposed cascade container, verve stamps

How clever!  I love the way this lid opens–what a great way to re-use a cascade container!

lego mailbox

lego box, the pretty poppy

I love finding boxes that my boys would love!


cracker box locker, spoonful

This could easily be fashioned for boy or girl…

ipod mailbox

ipod valentine box, mommy lessons 101

This is a take on the popular Family Fun ipod valentine from a few years ago…cute!!

Valentine's+Monster pretty little piggy mailbox

pretty piggy and scary monster, giggles galore

I am DYING over this pink pig!  You could make it into other animals as well–I know one of my girls would love the pig, and the other would want a black cat!!

paper mailboxes

paper mailbox, simply modern mom

She includes a free printable to make your own!

paint bucket mailbox

paint bucket mailbox, crap i’ve made

Using a paint bucket is so clever, and there are so many options to decorate it!


-oatmeal canisters:  great lid, easy to cut a slit

-Kleenex box–already has the opening!

-#10 cans

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  1. Cute collection Kierste! I love the pail idea for valentine’s rather than a box! It was great to meet you last weekend, we’ll have to connect again soon! :)

  2. Thank you for including my pink pig and monster valentine boxes in this fun round up!

  3. I made the iPod box for valentines day at school. It was funny because everybody got my fake headphones on it and put it in their ears! It was a great valentine box and very easy.

  4. Hi Keirste!
    I found this blog post at the perfect time. My daughter has a school project of creating her own valentine holder. This will give us a great start to brainstorming:) I also share blog posts on my fanpage. I shared your blog post today. I invite you to stop by. www.facebook.com/eljahb

    I also invite you to stop by my shop and say Hi! www.eljahb.etsy.com

    Thank you for all of the ideas you share:)

    1. Yay!! I’m so glad!!! You’ll have to tell me what you end up doing! Thanks for dropping by!! xoxo

  5. Hi – I am looking for a template for the ipod Valentine box. I used it last year as well. However, now I can’t find the template. Your link goes to a Disney family website. ???? Help!! Thanks

    1. I clicked the link and it took me here: http://www.mommylessons101.com/2012/01/creative-valentine-box-ideas-2-ipod.html She linked to the original post by Family Fun (Disney), and it looks like they took it down. :( I’m so sorry! I did a quick search of their site and it didn’t come up. I did find this one though: http://blog.delightfulorder.com/2012/02/ipod-valentine-candy-tutorial-free.html

      Hope that helps!!! xoxo

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