You’ve Been Frosted

Can you believe it’s December? Aaaack! I might be behind on my list, but I’m so happy that it’s Christmastime I can hardly stand it.  We cut down our tree and decorated it this weekend, and I’m supremely happy as I sit here writing with only the tree lights on.  *sigh*

In October one of our favorite family activities is to “boo” our friends and neighbors, so I decided to do a Christmas version called “You’ve Been Frosted” and share it with all of you!  You will also now know how much I love all of you, because I actually wrote a poem. This is big, people.

If you’re new to this whole idea, basically you make a yummy plate or bag of treats, then deliver it friends and neighbors…secretly.  Include a sign for them to hang in their door on window, and a note with instructions so they can pass it on!  My kids absolutely LOVE doing this, and they plan for hours who we’re going to take them to, and what our escape plan will be.  As the getaway driver, I can tell you, they are very thorough. ☺

It’s perfect for the holiday season–spreading Christmas cheer throughout your neighborhood!

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