Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

I love packaging gifts in a way that’s simple, inexpensive, but totally adorable.  This darling Valentine’s Day Gift Idea is all of those things, and it’s perfect for giving to anyone on your gift-giving list this Valentine’s Day.

Easy & adorable packaging idea for Valentine's Day |

This post isn’t so much about what’s inside of the gift, because you can put anything you want in there!  Cookies, candy or other treats, lotion, cute soaps, gift card–they would all be perfect.  I’m going to tell you today about a simple and adorable way to package it all up!

Easy & adorable packaging idea for Valentine's Day |

You don’t need any special machines for this one–just a few basic supplies that I always keep on hand.  I really like being able to put a gift together quickly if I need to, and those are all some of my favorite packaging items.

Easy & adorable packaging idea for Valentine's Day |

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Here’s what I used to put these cute packages together…

1. Take out boxes

I always keep white and kraft paper takeout boxes on hand, plus I just got some red gingham ones that are adorable. I was actually going to use them for this post and the packages I made, but the red color was just different enough that I didn’t have any ribbon to match it.  But…I will find some. :) I just love them–they are so cute, and pretty reasonable price-wise.  They’re a good size for a lot of different things, and if it’s something small, I stuff it with newspaper or tissue paper first.

2. Wired ribbon

I’m kind of obsessed with ribbon, and I have a lot of it. I also have different favorites, depending on what it’s being used for.  Wired ribbon is awesome for tying bows on packages and gifts like this one, because the bow stays so nicely! Gingham has long been one of my most favorite things EVER, so anytime I can use it, I do! Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and the summer are the perfect times for it.

3.  Alphabet stamps

I’ve linked to a set on Amazon, so you can see what I’m talking about, but I’ve actually found them at the dollar store on several occasions, and the dollar bins at both Target and JoAnn Fabrics.  Keep your eyes open–you might be able to find one for a steal too!  I have a couple of different font sets–all capitals, typewriter, and a plain font. I also like having different sizes, because tags can vary in size so greatly.

4.  Distress Ink

Oh, distress ink, how I love you!  I use it on all of my tags–I love the contrast it gives. It also doubles as an ink pad for my stamp sets.

5.  Avery Shipping tags (and smaller size)

I have a supply of these on hand in both the larger size and the smaller size.  You can’t beat the price–100 tags for less than $5!  You can cover them in scrapbook paper or leave them plain like I did.  The larger tag is easy to cut down a little bit if you need to–I did that on this package.  You can do so much with them–embellish and decorate however you like–plus the reinforced hole is sturdy for tying pretty much any kind of ribbon through it.

Easy & adorable packaging idea for Valentine's Day |

It literally took me 5 minutes (maybe less) to wrap these cutey-cute packages up, which is the best part!

Easy & adorable packaging idea for Valentine's Day |

Anyone would love to get this…I know I would!

Easy & adorable packaging idea for Valentine's Day |

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