Thrilled to Pieces Teacher Gift

I love giving my kids’ teachers a little something at the beginning of the school year, and my kids love it too. It’s never anything big or fancy, just a small token of our appreciation, and to show them how much we are all looking forward to the school year.  I actually made this fun “Thrilled to Pieces” Teacher Gift at the end of the past school year for my kids’ teachers, but I went ahead and made a tag for the beginning of the school year so I could share them both with you!

Thrilled to Pieces Teacher Gift |

This is SO easy to put together! I filled a mason jar mug with Reese’s Pieces, then tied on the cute tag.  I stuck in a orange chevron straw, and added a cute chalkboard flag with my girls’ names on it.  When I gave it as an end-of-year gift, I also stuck a gift card into the candy.

Yep.  Super cute.  Super easy.

Thrilled to Pieces Teacher Gift |

 Thrilled to Pieces Teacher Gift |

 I have the tags for you to download!  Just right click on the image to enlarge it, and save to your computer.  Print, cut, then punch a hole in a corner, and tie on to the mug with a piece of ribbon or bakers twine.  I like using a mug because it’s

If you’d like to make the straw flag, download the chalkboard image below.  Open it in pic monkey, and use the Penmanship Print font (download it for free first) to create your names. Place the text towards the far right, leaving a little room on the end to make the points. Save it to your computer, then insert it into Word, re-sizing as necessary.  Print it, cut it out, fold it in half, then cut a triangle out of the ends to make your points.  Use double stick tape to attach it to the straw.

Or…you can just leave the straw plain and sign names to the back of the tag!


You can either click on one of these links and download the pdf files, then print onto white card stock, or if you want the tags to be a specific size, you can save one of the images below to your computer. Then you can insert them as pictures into Word, click on the image, and re-size as desired!!!

thrilled to pieces (end of year)

thrilled to pieces (first of year)

Thrilled to Pieces Teacher Gift | Free printable |

Thrilled to Pieces Teacher Gift | Free printable |

Thrilled to Pieces Teacher Gift | Free printable |

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  1. Kierste,
    This is adorable!! I am wondering if you would ever consider doing the “other side” of this, as I am a teacher and would just love giving this to my students at the beginning of the year. I’m probably going to give it a try, but it won’t turn out as cute as yours! Thanks for all the creative fun you share!

      1. So sweet of you. I was back to work today (which is why it took me so long to reply to you), I have kids next Wednesday (8/20), but honestly I don’t have to give it to them the first day. Sometimes I like to send them out the door with a little something on the first Friday (it means more, we’ve spent a couple of days together.)
        If you can, that would be great!

  2. This project is adorable! I’m making them for my kids’ new teachers right now. Thanks so much for the great idea.

  3. Hi Kierste, I’m curious about Caroline. How is your little peanut doing?
    I’ve been checking your blog and Instagram for updates, I finally decided to ask.

    1. Christina, THANK YOU so much for asking–that’s so incredibly thoughtful of you. She is doing so much better, and just came home late last night, hooray!!! I so appreciate you asking!!! xoxo

  4. I just wanted to let you know that we loved your project and we gave it a shout out on the Paper Crafter’s Library Facebook page.

  5. Hi Kierste! First of all, I LOVE your site and am so thankful for all of the fun ideas you share!!! You are a lifesaver to those of us wanna be crafty people who, unfortunately, aren’t as imaginative and creative as you are!! =) I just tried to print off the “I am thrilled to pieces” tag and for some reason the writing didn’t come out white. Is there a special setting I need or something for our printer? I am in love with the idea and would love to make this for my son’s first day of preschool next week!
    Thanks so much,

    1. Hello, Becky!! Let me say how much I appreciate you as reader, and coming back to read!! I love sharing, and it makes it worth it when I get comments like this. :) I’m so sorry the tag isn’t working for you. How is it printing? If it’s not white, what is it? What are you printing on?

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