Black & White Striped Halloween Wreath

If there’s anything I love as much as polka dots, it’s stripes.  I’ve had this black & white striped ribbon in my ribbon drawer for awhile now, just calling my name, and what could be more perfect for it, than this adorable Striped Halloween Wreath?

DIY Black & White Striped Halloween Wreath

I love love it!  A big fat bow some sparkle, and little bits of ribbon put the finishing touches on it. I can’t wait to get this up on my front door! Best of all, it’s super easy to make!



  • -16 inch styrofoam wreath
  • -black & white striped ribbon–approximately 8 yards
  • -straight pins
  • -wide black ribbon for bow
  • -glitter or felt balls
  • -thin orange and black ribbon
  • -needle & thread


1. To start, I used little glitter balls that I found at Michael’s to make a bunting.  I threaded a needle with black thread, and strung them together. It was really easy, because the middles are made of styrofoam.  It took just a few minutes–super easy.  When I finishing stringing them, I tied knots on the end, and then tied baker’s twine on to each end.  You can really use any kind of bunting you like!

I also have a string of felt bats that I might change it out with another year down the road. That’s the beauty of this wreath–the base is very simple, so you can really change it up and add whatever you like! Once it was strung together, I tied ribbon between each ball, alternating orange and black.

2.  Next up…adding ribbon to your wreath!  I just wound the ribbon around and round, trying to keep the lines as straight as possible.  My OCD self tried doing this differently several times to get the lines exactly right, but round wreaths are pretty much impossible for that. So…it is what it is. :)  

I used straight pins to secure the end, then just wrapped until my first ribbon spool was gone.  I used a few more straight pins to keep that end in place, then started a new spool in the exact same spot so they overlapped.  When the wreath was covered, I secured the final end with a couple more pins.  That’s it!

3.  I attached the bunting on either side of the wreath with pins, then tied a big bow out of fat black ribbon (4 inch) and used another pin to secure it to the wreath.

And you’re finished! A super cute wreath, ready for Halloween!

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