Easy Thinking of you gift idea & Printable Tag: Brighten someone’s day!

A darling thinking of you gift idea that’s simple and easy, but will brighten someone’s day. You can also tie the tag on to any gift to add the perfect touch!

I’ve been the recipient of small gifts or notes that have absolutely brightened my day. Nothing fancy, just something simple and thoughtful with a note attached that they were thinking of me. I also love to be the one that’s doing the giving, and there’s nothing better than spreading a little cheer.

Brighten someone’s day with a thinking of you gift!

Whenever I’m out shopping, I keep my eyes open for small items that would make perfect gifts to have on hand. A couple of weeks ago I came across the most darling dishtowels at my local grocery store, and I just had to grab them up. I knew they’d be so cute with a tag tied on, and already starting thinking of who could be the recipient. And they ARE so cute!

Simple Thinking of You Gift Idea and Printable Tag
Simple Thinking of You Gift Idea and Printable Tag

Dishtowel gift idea…

I think giving darling dishtowels is so fun, because people might not buy them for themselves. They make for an adorable presentation, rolled up, and tied with jute. I created the tag so it would go with any color, and you can always switch out the jute for matching ribbon. (Gingham check is favorite pattern of mine, and I created a tag for adorable check dishtowels as a welcome home and housewarming gift.)

Simple Thinking of You Gift Idea and Printable Tag

Thinking of you printable gift tag

The tag is perfect on any thinking of you gift! Use ribbon or jute to tie on the tag, and you’re ready to give! I love using jute because it’s neutral, has that rustic farmhouse style I love, and goes with most any color I’m using. For these reasons, I use it quite often. That said, I’m also a ribbon girl, and I love using a polka dot, grain stripe, grosgrain, or gingham ribbon on items that are solid colors, or need a little extra something. All of these are great alternatives, add the perfect touch to your gift and bring everything together.

Adding a tag takes just minutes, but makes all the difference!

Simple Thinking of You Gift Idea and Printable Tag

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Items needed…

Download Tag

Simple Thinking of You Gift Idea and Printable Tag

More simple gift ideas for spreading cheer

While I love to give dishtowels, there are other small items that are small, perfect for brightening a day and spreading a little cheer.

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  1. What a sweet site. I couldn’t resist your Lemon Meltaways recipe and then I got hooked on looking at your gift recipes….and then your “How to Write a Thank You Note” . It’s a lovely site and has such a homey feel. You just want to wish you were my neighbour.

    1. Lynne, that is the kindest thing to say, and I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. I’m so glad you stopped by and said hello…hope to see you around again soon! xo

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