Simple Decorated Clothespins

Decorated clothespins aren’t anything new–I’ve been making them for a long time, and actually first posted about them several years ago. However,  my obsession with them hasn’t changed much at all, and I love how they can transform an ordinary clothespin into the perfect accessory for magnet boards, clipboards, and more.

I’ve used several different methods to cover them, including fabric, paper, paint and stamps.  I’m going to share a method I tried this week–the easiest yet!  It literally takes less than 1 minute to cover a clothespin!  LOVE that!  I’m all about things that are simple, don’t take a lot of time, but make a huge difference.

What makes these so easy?  I used borders with an adhesive backing that are intended for scrapbooking.  I bought mine at a local scrapbook store, but you can also find them online.  Since they are already adhesive, it’s just a matter of placing your clothespin on the sticky side of the border, and trimming around it with scissors.  If you want to paint yours first, you totally can–I preferred the natural sides this time, so didn’t do that.


*scrapbook borders with adhesive backing (stickers–see above)



*Distress Ink


Step 1:  Place your clothespin on the back side (sticky side) of the border.

Step 2:  Use scissors to trim the excess border from the clothespin.

Step 3:  Repeat on the other side.

Step 4:  Use Distress Ink around the edges of both sides of the clothespin to add dimension and a little vintage yumminess.

See?  SO SO easy!

Ideas for clothespins?

*Add them to a pine board that’s been painted and distressed–perfect for hanging art!

*Hot glue a magnet on the back, and use on a magnet board

*Staple chicken wire to an open frame, and use clothespins to attach artwork, papers, or pictures

*Hot glue them to a wooden pallet–perfect for pictures!  I did that on my wood pallet photo display, and love it!

*Fill up a brown paper lunch sack with treats, fold over a few times, and use a decorated clothespin to keep it shut.  You could even tie a cute tag around it!

*Staple several pieces of twine to the back of an open frame (or even across a blank wall), and use clothespins to clip to attach pictures, art, and more.

*Clothespin valentines!

*Chore charts

There are a million more ideas out there, and really, the sky’s the limit!


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  1. Cute! Love it! Thanks so much for the ideas! I’ve been needing a TON more magnets for our refrigerator, but I don’t want to spend a ton of money on something so ridiculous (those suckers are expensive in the store if you want them to look decent!), so this is perfect! Plus, I can coordinate them with my kitchen decor! Thanks, Kierste!

    1. Yes! That’s why I love making them–you can coordinate with anything! The will be darling on your fridge… XO

  2. We used leftover wrapping paper to make clothespins just like this! Yours turned out so cute. My fridge looks so happy with my new magnets. Check out or other ways to use wrapping paper scraps.

  3. Thanks Kierste! I LOVE easy crafts because then I actually do them! I’ve been thinking about decorating clothespins for a year now and just haven’t gotten around to doing it! I use them for displaying/hanging my Christmas cards that we receive throughout the season. I hang them on red ric-rack or red ribbon. Now I just need to make my clothespins cuter! I also use them in our playroom to hang up art on a pretty ribbon. Mine are pre-decorated vintagey, but now I know how to replace them! Thanks Kierste! Btw, I always wondered how you made everything look distressed like that! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Donna—YES! This is a super easy project that you will love! That distress ink is my favorite thing ever…I don’t know what I would do without it! :)

  5. Instead of the scrap book borders use bits of duct tape that come in so many colors now. Buy these at the dollar store in small rolls in pack of 3 for a dollar. Also used a small ribbon left from another project on some.

  6. I don’t paper craft – but I sew and have lots of little scraps! I’m going to try this with my fabric scraps! ☺

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