Pink and Gold Girl’s Bedroom

In the five years we’ve lived at Old Salt Farm, this bedroom has totally changed several times. As I’ve moved kids and beds around from room to room, little mini-makeovers have followed. It started out as my twin girls’ room, and now it’s my youngest daughter’s room. It was time for an update, but I didn’t want to spend a lot. So I decided to use what I had, switch a few things around, and added just a couple of new things. I spent less than $50, which is awesome! Most importantly, my daughter loves it.

Pink and Gold Girl's Bedroom


When we first moved in and I did this for my twin girls, they wanted gold to be a part of their theme. I added these gold vinyl dots to the wall, which were an easy way to make it a focal point. However…I discovered recently that the vinyl dots I purchased do not come off easily, after a bit of drywall came off after my first attempt. So, the dots are there to stay. My further-down-the-road plan is to add some cute wallpaper, but I’ve not had time to look at it decide what I want to do. So for now, they’re here to stay. To the gold I added pink, white, and silver, then tied it all together with a few prints and pillows.

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Pink and Gold Girl's Bedroom


One of my older girls just redid her room, and I had a perfectly good (and super cute) gray and white striped ruffle duvet that I wanted to still use somewhere. I wasn’t quite sure how it would work with the gold, but it was so so adorable! White eyelet euro pillows and pink buffalo check throw pillows tied it all together, and I added a pink throw blanket at the end of the bed. I had all of the pieces already except the pink check pillows, and it was a fun challenge to see if I could use what I found in my basement.

Pink and Gold Girl's Bedroom
Pink and Gold Girl's Bedroom


When I was at Hobby Lobby one day I found the cutest rainbow sign using the exact colors of the room–pink, gray, and gold. It was perfect! I also found another sign with a fun quote that also matched really well, and knew they would fit really well above the bed on her shelves. The top shelf needed a little extra something, so I added a little greenery I already had. My favorite sign is the large “darling” sign, which I bought years ago when my twin girls first had this room. It’s still a favorite!

I also had a gold polka dot lamp for the white nightstand (originally a weathered wood that I spray painted white for this mini makeover), and I love it! The bed I’ve had for a long time too–it just switched rooms! I got such a great deal on it, that even though I don’t love that the headboard is so low (I’d love a higher one so you can see it even with the pillows), it was worth it. But I’ve linked below to a very similar one that’s on my list to buy!

Pink and Gold Girl's Bedroom

I was able to get things painted and set up within just an afternoon, so it was the perfect mini makeover. Just don’t be surprised if it changes again…or more kids switch rooms!

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