Paper Sack & Clothespin Advent Calendar

I {LOVE} advent calendars.  I think they are the perfect way to count down to Christmas, and an additional way to really enjoy the holiday season.  We have several at our house, and we use them all!  Whether we use books, candy, or fun family Christmas activities, the result is a pure delight in enjoying the best parts of the holiday.

This Christmas I’ve added another one, and it uses some of my most favorite things—brown paper sacks, twine and clothespins!  It is ridiculously easy to make, totally inexpensive (less than $7), and SO SO darling!!!

Paper Sack Advent Calendar |

This particular advent will hold an activity for each day, that our whole family can participate in.  I will share my printable list next week, so you can see all the fun activities we’re planning!  It can be hung across a large or double doorway, big window, archway, between two columns, or even down a stairway.

These paper sacks are seriously my favorite things.  They are much smaller than a traditional paper lunch sack, but can still hold quite a bit.  I have found them at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby, and are about $2.50 for 16 of them.  The brand I like the best is “Celebrate It, and they are the ones I got at Michael’s.  They measure 3 1/2 x 2 x 6 3/4 inches.  I use them ALL of the time–as treat sacks, to wrap small gifts, and more.  {LOVE} them!!! The clothespins I actually found on etsy at The Shabby Creek Cottage, and just count not resist them!  If I hadn’t found them, I would have bought the pack of 100 for around $1 at Walmart, and covered them in cute paper or fabric.   Also super easy to do, and quite inexpensive.  One sheet of scrapbook paper would easily cover 25 clothespins.

Here’s how I put it together…


*small paper sacks


*clothespin–covered in paper or fabric!

*vinyl numbers:  1-25, or stickers!


1.  Cover your clothespins in paper!  Just trace the clothespin onto the back of your paper, and cut it out. Distress the edges.  :)  Use doublestick tape to attach it to your clothespin, and trim any edges that hang over.  Repeat for all clothespins.

2.  Add your vinyl numbers to your paper sacks.  I used my Silhouette, but you could easily use large number stickers found at a scrapbook store.

3.  Add whatever you like to your paper sacks, fold over the tops, and use your clothespins to close the bags.  Attach the bags using the clothespins to your twine and hang–wherever you like!

See!! TOTALLY easy, and TOTALLY cute!


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  1. Can’t wait to see what you’re going to put in those! I seriously love those clothespins…thinking I’m going to do some to use to hang my Christmas cards. :) Thanks for sharing.

    1. Clothespins are perfect for hanging Christmas cards–it’s a favorite at our house, too! Aren’t those clothespins delicious? I simply couldn’t resist them!!!! XO

  2. You are truly making me CRAZY. You have so many fabulous ideas! How do you have time for them all. I am very grateful that you post them long before they are to begin, giving us working moms time to get it all in. We have today off and I’m planning to make the applesauce cinnamon stars today. :)
    And wrap my 24 books with craft paper and twine, and cover paper clips, and prep for Thanksgiving :)

    You are an inspiration!

    1. :) You’ll have to let me know how your stars turn out!!! And don’t worry–you have time to prep and enjoy the holiday, and still have a a week to get other projects done, too. Have a WONDERFUL holiday!!! XO

  3. I love this idea, I am also using brown paper wrap and twine to wrap Christmas books and larger treats that don’t fit into these bags. Can’t wait to see what activities you have planned. I have started my list of 24 fun Christmas activities, and will be sure to add some of your suggestions.

    1. Sounds perfect, Jennifer! You know I love brown paper and twine. :) My idea list should be up on Tuesday, but I would love to hear what’s on yours too!!! XO

  4. Very cute Kierste! I am in the process of making my countdown list and can’t wait to see yours. I am making countdown kits for my siblings families as well and like the idea of putting the materials in brown paper sacks. I love anything made from brown paper. I’m not sure if you have a Sam’s Club where you live but I get my mini brown paper sacks from there. They cost around a penny a piece. You get 500 for right around $5.00.

  5. LOVE this, Kierste!! Featured it today! XO

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