Older than Dirt: Celebrating a Milestone Birthday

After five years of blogging, I have a lot of posts from years past that I want to pull out of the archives and brush the dust off!  Through the summer I’m going “vintage”, and sharing some of my favorites from the past!  This was originally posted three years ago, and I love it still!


Tonight we went to a surprise party for one of our closest friend’s 40th birthday, and it was just SO fun. He was totally surprised, and his wife did a fabulous job planning and executing it. We laughed and laughed, ate a ton of yummy food, and did A LOT of teasing. You can’t have a milestone birthday without some ribbing, and in that spirit, I created this fun gift jar…Older than Dirt!

Older than Dirt | oldsaltfarm.com
This particular jar was to go on his desk at work, so I  did use actual dirt. It would also be SO fun to fill it with crushed Oreos!  How about serving an ice cream bar at the party?  You could use “dirt” as one of the toppings! Or…serve dirt cupcakes or cake! You could also fill several of these jars, or even large pails, and use them as centerpieces for a party.

Older than Dirt | Celebrating a Milestone Birthday |oldsaltfarm.com

They are super easy to put together!


  • mason jar
  • dirt (or crushed Oreos)
  • ribbon
  • tag–scrapbook paper, card stock, distress ink
  • vinyl (I used the Wish I Was Taller font)
  • printable tag (you can download below)


1. Just fill your jar with dirt or crushed Oreos, then tighten the lid.

2.  Print tag (you can download them below). Cut it out, distress the edges with Distress Ink, and mat it on to cardstock. If desired, mat it on scrapbook paper, punch a hole in the corner, and tie it on with ribbon.

Older than Dirt | Celebrating Milestone Birthdays | oldsaltfarm.com


Click on the image to enlarge it, then save to your computer.  Insert it into Word as a picture, then you can re-size it as necessary.

Older That Dirt | 30th Birthday Free Printable | oldsaltfarm.com Older That Dirt | 40th Birthday Free Printable | oldsaltfarm.com Older That Dirt | 50th Birthday Free Printable | oldsaltfarm.com Older That Dirt | 60th Birthday Free Printable | oldsaltfarm.com Older That Dirt | 70th Birthday Free Printable | oldsaltfarm.com Older That Dirt | 80th Birthday Free Printable | oldsaltfarm.com

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  1. This is such a fun idea! I think I might use it for an upcoming birthday in June. Maybe I'll give the Oreos a try.

  2. SOOO cute!! I'm going to have to store this idea in my brain for my sister's 40th coming up in November! :)

  3. This is awesome. I will have to remember this for next year. I am planning a big 40th for my husband next year.

  4. I am featuring this absolutely hilarious birthday present on my blog today! {redberrybarn.blogspot.com}
    Thanks for sharing and have a great Spring day!

  5. I've had so much fun looking around your wonderful blog. I can't help but follow! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Warmly, Michelle

  6. Ugh, I hope you'll show more of the party. My husband turns forty in two weeks and I do not know WHAT to do. Help.

  7. Yes please share all the other ideas as well. My husband turns 40 this November.
    We gave one of our friends a bed pan full of his favorite brownies.

  8. I featured this on my blog today
    (and made one)


  9. Oh I LOVE this, now to just be patient and wait for someones birthday to come around!


  10. this is so fun-I am so borrowing your idea but I think I am going to use ground coffee instead!

  11. Super cute idea. It would be nice on the other side of the tag to give ways to use the crushed oreo.

  12. What a super fun idea!! I love it!! My brother is turning 50 next year so this is perfect. Thanks :)

  13. What a great idea and it was perfect timing as we are off to my BIL’s 50th birthday party today! Thanks so much for sharing!

  14. Love this idea! Thank you for sharing it! How did you get the word “dirt” on the mason jar? Did you hand paint it? Use a stencil?

    1. I used vinyl lettering! You could also use white alphabet stickers if you don’t have a vinyl cutter, like a Cricut or Silhouette.

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