Not-So-Spooky Halloween Fonts & Dingbats

Halloween is one of my very favorites.  The fact that it’s a part of the cozy fall season just adds to its appeal.  When it comes to Halloween, I’m more of a not-so-spooky girl.  Give me the pumpkin carving, fun decor, darling costumes, trick-or-treating, fun parties, and yummy food!  There are also lots of opportunities to use fonts throughout the Halloween season, so being the  font addict that I am, I gathered my favorite Not-So-Spooky Halloween Fonts.  Best of all…they’re free!

Not-So-Spooky Halloween Fonts |

Use them for Halloween decor, printables, tags, banners & buntings, invitations, and anything you can think of.  :)

Hallocuties (Dingbats) // MTF Sweet Halloween Dings // Things We Said // 1942 Report // Jack Lantern // An Unfortunate Event  Old Press //  Pharmacy // Rye // Wish I Were Taller // Smiley Monster

If you haven’t downloaded fonts before. it’s easy to do!

Here are a few more of my favorite Simply Kierste Halloween projects & tutorials!

Halloween Treat Jars

Halloween Treat Jars |

Halloween Chalkboard Printable

Halloween Chalkboard Printable |

4×4 Post Halloween Luminaries

4x4 Post Halloween Luminaries |

Grapevine & Ribbon Wreath

Halloween Grapevine & Ribbon Wreath |

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  1. Kierste, I absolutely love these Halloween fonts but I don’t have a printer and I wondered if you could give me a suggestion on how I might could use them. Also I am making the 4×4 pumpkins and I don’t know what to use for the polkadots so the paint won’t run under them. Thank you so much for your help;-) I made your twine and berry wreath and love it! I appreciate you sharing your wonderful ideas and look forward to it every day.

    1. You can edit your photos with these fonts, adding text to the bottom of them before you get them printed! is free photo and editing software, and you can use all the fonts you download.

      For the dots, you can buy a sheet of vinyl at Michaels or JoAnn Fabrics or Hobby Lobby, then use a circle punch (I used 1 inch circles) to cut out the vinyl dots. It works really well!!!

      So glad you made the twine & berry wreath and love it!! Thank you so much for reading, and your sweet words–I so appreciate it!!! xoxo

  2. I love all these fonts that you find! I’m starting collect quite a few of them. I wonder how you organize your fonts so you know what you have. It’s hard to know what to choose for a project when it comes up as one huge alphabetized list. Got any tricks?

    1. One trick is to create an Excel spreadsheet, and keep lists of your overall favorites, which ones you used for which projects, as well as lists for holidays and any other category you like. I do this with fonts and other things, and it works really well. It’s easy to access, and easy to update. Hope that helps!! xoxo

  3. I am a PTC mom at my children’s elementary school and can I just tell you how much your font shares have saved the day? We have the best posters and fliers ever! I used your back to school fonts when we did a big PTC recruitment push and tonight I just sat down to work on items for our Fall Festival- once again, using the fonts you suggested. HUGE help, time saver and talk abt upping the cuteness factor! Thanks again!

    1. YAY, YAY, YAY! That makes me so happy to hear! It’s exactly why I love to share them. :) Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me. xoxo

  4. I love your website and have downloaded several of your fonts before with no problem. When I downloaded the Smiley Monster font this week, it put a bunch of malware/virus stuff on my computer. I guess I’ll stick to only DaFont ones…never had a problem with those! Just thought you might like to know.

    1. Thanks for letting me know! That’s so weird–I’ve had that font for years. I’ll have to remove the link.

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