No Dishes! Easy Birthday Gift Idea

Gift the gift of no dishes! It’s a fun and easy birthday gift idea for friends, teachers, neighbors, and more. Free printable tag for both “birthday wishes” and “best wishes”–perfect for comfort, recovery, or sending cheer.

Looking for a fun and easy birthday gift idea? Give the gift of no dishes! I love giving this to friends, teachers, and colleagues to celebrate their special day. Who wouldn’t love a super cute set of paper dishes, and the night off from washing and putting away? I’m sharing a cute tag that puts it all together! Also included is a tag that says “best wishes”, which is perfect for giving to someone for comfort, to send cheer, and who may be in recovery.

No Dishes Easy Friend Gift Idea

No dishes! An easy birthday gift idea

This is one of favorite things to give, and it’s so fun for so many people in your life. Hairstylists, bus drivers, people you visit on a regular basis, those who need a bit of cheer or you’re thinking about, a cute birthday gift…the list goes on! It’s an inexpensive gift that is super cute and thoughtful.

I like to gather paper dishes all through the year, so I always have them on hand. My favorite time to snatch them up is right after any season or holiday, because they’re usually on sale. If I really love them, I’ll buy them right away, in case they sell out!

No Dishes Easy Birthday Gift

Where to find cute paper products

One of my go to places to find super cute paper products is Target. They have them for every season, holiday, and other themes in their party section. Spritz makes some of the most darling paper plates and matching products.

Another place to check is the dollar store. I found the most adorable scalloped plates there just in the last couple of weeks, and I scooped them up for only $1.25 (6 plates).

I typically buy a patterned plate, and match it with solid cups and silverware. Depending on what I can find for napkins, they might be solid or patterned. Cute paper straws are a must for me too…they add so much to the overall package!

No Dishes Easy Birthday Gift Idea

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How to put your package together

It’s really up to you what you would like to include in your no dishes package. Mine will differ occasionally, based on what I have on hand, and what I can find that matches it well. Typically I include:

  • Bigger dinner plates
  • Smaller lunch plates
  • Paper straws
  • Cups
  • Plastic silverware
  • Napkins

For this particular package, I ended up finding two sets of smaller lunch plates that I just had to include–they’re both perfect! All of them I already I had in my bin, so it was just a matter of putting them together.

No Dishes Easy Friend Gift

A bit of jute or ribbon is the perfect way to add the tag…and you’re ready to give!

Download free printable tag

Print on to white cardstock or kraft cardstock, then cut out with scissors. You can cut right along the black border, or leave a bit of white around it, which is what I like to do. Punch a hole in the top of the tag, and use ribbon or jute to tie it around the dishes.

No Dishes Easy Friend Gift

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