Neutral Farmhouse Bedding

A farmhouse bedroom refresh featuring neutral farmhouse bedding in creams and white that brighten the space!

I’ve always had white bedding, which I love, but I decided I wanted to add a little more contrast to the space. By incorporating creams and natural linen, it kept the space light and neutral, but gave it more depth.

Neutral Farmhouse Bedding

Neutral Farmhouse Bedding

With the addition of new pillows and lamps, it feels like a whole new room! I love the texture of linen, and the natural color was exactly what I was looking for in the larger Euro size pillows. Cute ruffly pillowcases and a fun XOXO pillow were two more additions to the bed.

Neutral Farmhouse Bedding

So many lovely ruffles!

Neutral Farmhouse Bedding

I also needed new lamps. The ones I had were okay, but they were too small for the space, and I didn’t really love them. They were a desperate purchase–a decision made quickly because I needed lamps, but I almost always live to regret those kinds of decisions.

When I saw these lamps, I knew they were perfect. They’re tall, fill the space well, and are a great wood color that works well. And they were a reasonable price, which always helps!

I just love how it all came together!

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Neutral Farmhouse Bedding

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