Netflix Christmas Movies

Are you looking for even more movies to add to your holiday viewing list? Check out this list of Netflix Christmas Movies! (Updated for 2020)

I am a HUGE Hallmark Christmas movie fan. I pretty much watch every single one, curled up by the fire in my cozy pajamas, soaking it all up. My girls have now started watching with me, and it’s kind of our thing. It doesn’t matter that they are cheesy, or that I know exactly what’s going to happen within the first few minutes. They’re full of holiday and Christmas cheer, and there’s just something about them that makes me happy.

Netflix is another one of our go-to places to find them. If you love the idea of Christmas movies and don’t have the Hallmark Channel, or you’re looking for more to add to your list, check these out!

They add to their collection each year, and I’m looking forward to seeing the new ones, but also watching some of my favorites.

There’s really something for everyone, or if you’re like me, you like them all!

Christmas Movies List

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Netflix Christmas Movies

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