A Moving Organization Binder

 Our family is about to embark on a very big adventure…we are moving cross country in about six weeks! We moved a lot when we were first married, and all through school, but we’ve lived in our current town for nine years. We made a big move when we went to graduate school, but we had one baby, and knew it would be temporary.  Now, with five kids, a house to sell, a house to buy, a relocation company, and all the ins and outs of changing pretty much every aspect in our life, there is a lot of information to keep track of.   To help me navigate through the process, I created a moving organization binder–one that is equipped to hold every bit of information I gather through this moving experience.

Moving Organization Binder | oldsaltfarm.com

Stay organized when planning your move!

Keeping organized is the best way for me manage my stress level–when I know things are in place, and I’m not forgetting anything important, I function much better.  :) There is so much vital information to keep track of, and having it all in one place ensures easy access and that you won’t lose a thing! It also doesn’t take up much space, and eliminates piles of papers that might stack up otherwise.

I started with a regular white 1.5 inch binder, and 10 plastic dividers with pockets.  The dividers have the tabs you can put through the printer–I love the look of neatly typed and labeled tabs the best!

Moving Organization Binder | oldsaltfarm.com

Moving Organization Binder

These are the tabs I used:

  • Home for Sale
  • Home to Buy
  • Estimates & Bids
  • Receipts
  • Movers & Packing
  • Mortgage & Lenders
  • Moving Checklist: (current town)
  • Moving Checklist:  (new town)
  • New Area Information
  • Relocation Information

Also included are plastic business card pages in several of the sections, notepaper in each section, and a plastic pouch to hold receipts in the receipt section.

Moving Organization Binder | oldsaltfarm.com

This binder has already become my saving grace, and I love that I can take it with me wherever I go. I’m so, so glad I have it!

My life is going to be pretty crazy over the next few weeks, and I hope you’ll forgive me if I’m here just a little less until we get moved.  I am excited to decorate a new house, and all the projects that will come of it!

If you have any advice or tips on moving, selling or buying a home, helping kids adjust, or anything else you can think of, I’d love to hear it!

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