Mason Jar Ghost Lantern

You guys, this is the third mason jar project I’ve done in the last few weeks! There are just so many fun things you can do with them, especially at the holidays, and I’m excited about sharing this totally adorable mason jar ghost lantern that’s perfect for lighting up your Halloween decor!

Mason Jar Ghost Lantern

So cute, right?!  It’s also a fast and easy project, which always ranks really high in my book. Think about lighting your walk or porch on Halloween night, or the nights leading up to Halloween. They would be darling in your windows so the whole world can see them, or even just in your own home on a mantel, shelf, or table.  If you’re decorating for a Halloween party, they would be adorable centerpieces, or even along the path to the doors of the party.  No matter how you use them, they are darling! If you use battery operated tea lights, they can safely be used both indoors and outdoors.

Mason Jar Ghost Lantern |

Okay, here’s how you make your own!

Mason Jar Ghost Lantern

SUPPLIES: (affiliate links below)

-mason jar (I used pint-sized jars)

-white craft paint (or latex paint)

-foam brush


sealing spray

-vinyl ghost face OR paint OR a sharpie!

battery operated tea light



1.  Clean and dry jar thoroughly.

2.  Apply the white paint to your jar using the foam brush.  Let dry completely, then add two or so more coats, letting each coat dry before adding the next.

3. Once the paint is dry, use the sandpaper to remove the paint from all the letters and graphics on the jar.  I like my jars pretty distressed, so I take off a little paint all over the jar. For this project, a little more paint off isn’t a bad thing–it will help the light shine through even more!

4.  Wipe the sanding dust off of the jar, let dry, then seal it with a sealing spray.  (I’ve linked to the one I used in the supplies above.)

5.  Add your ghost face!  I created mine in Silhouette, but it’s just two circles for the eyes, and oval for the mouth.  If you don’t have a Silhouette or vinyl cutter, you could actually use black circle/oval stickers, or buy a sheet of black vinyl and cut them out yourself. You can also use craft paint to paint them on, or even use a Sharpie!

6. I tied on a little ribbon around the rim of the jar for an extra accent–but you can leave it plain if you like.  Drop your tea light inside the jar, and you’re done! They’re super cute with the light off during the day, and with the light on at night!

Mason Jar Ghost Lantern |

Mason Jar Ghost Lantern |

Mason Jar Ghost Lantern

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