Last Day of School Countdown

Count down to summer with this easy and adorable chalkboard last day of school countdown. Get your free printable today!

My kids always start really talking about it a month ahead, so I decided to create a super cute last day of school countdown to keep track! They get more and more excited the closer we get, and the more numbers we can cross off.

Last Day of School Countdown

As much as we love school, by the end of May, we are so ready for summer!! We’re ready to trade packing lunches and setting alarms for going to the beach and all kinds of adventuring. I thrive on structure and routine, but summer freedom is wonderful!

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How to make a last day of school countdown

Last Day of School Countdown
(Download printable below)

This is the easiest project ever! Just print it as a photo (8×10), then use washi tape to cross each day off. Super easy, and super cute! I love the chalkboard look, and it fits perfectly with the school theme. Print one for your family, and even one for each of your kids, so they can use whatever style or theme of washi tape they like.

You can also print on to white cardstock and trim to size (the printable is sized to 8×10) but it won’t be reusable. I’ve been able to reuse the ones that I printed as a photo–for at least a second year. You might even be able to get more if you’re super careful!

Download printable countdown here

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