Halloween Paper Sack Gift Bags

I adore paper sacks.  I love what they look like, how inexpensive they are, and their versatility. I just love being able to put them through my printer, adding fun text or graphics to create super cute invitations, gift bags, or party favor bags.  Last Christmas I used them for our neighbor treat bags, and I couldn’t wait to use them again for Halloween!  You are going to LOVE that these Halloween Paper Sack Gift Bags! They are so incredibly easy to make, plus super inexpensive, which makes them perfect for classrooms, parties, and more–and customized for any holiday or party.

When I was at the grocery store a couple of weeks ago, I was thumbing through a Martha Stewart magazine (obviously I didn’t have my kids with me, lol), and saw where they used yellow cardstock and black ribbon to make it look like a bat inside of a moon, and I knew it would be perfect for this!


-paper sacks (lunch size)

trick or treat text (click for pdf file, if you want to use the one I made for this!)


-yellow cardstock

-2 inch circle punch (or glass and pencil to trace)

-hole punch

-black ribbon or ric rac


1. Create text, then run the paper sacks through the printer.  To see a step-by-step tutorial of how I used my printer to make them, you can see them in my Christmas post, HERE.

2.  Once your paper sacks are printed, fill them as desired.

3.  Cut or punch a 2 inch circle out of yellow cardstock.  Fold over the top of the paper sack, hold the circle near the top, and use a hole punch to create two holes through the sack and the circle.

4.  Tie the black ribbon or ric rac through the holes, and you’ve got a black bat in the moon!

You’re done!  {LOVE}!!!! Easy peasy.

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I LOVE Halloween!!!! 


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  1. Oh! I love this idea! I needed something to dress up some paper bags and this is perfect (ok, not the Halloween design but it’s cute! and I’d do it if I needed Halloween). Thanks for the tutorial. I’ll be embellishing my bags today.

  2. I keep forgetting that you can print right onto paper bags.Must try that soon! :)

  3. SUCH a cute idea! I wanted to do something simple for my co-workers, and I think I just found it!!

  4. Hey Kierste, I love Halloween too! I’m popping over to “meet” you as part of the “Why Are Your Favorite Bloggers Mormon” project. What a great blog you have! Happy to be following you on Google+!

    Warmly, Michelle

  5. Hey Kierste,

    LOVE your ideas…pretty sure your my #1 blog I subscribe to!!! Hey, what printer do you have? My likes to “jam” a lot and I’d be interested to see which one you use!


    1. Thank you so much, Tiffany!! I just have a regular 4-in-one HP printer that’s about 6 or 7 years old, so nothing too fancy. I do remove all the trays that can be removed, because that usually makes it harder for the paper sack and paper to fit through. Good luck!!! XO+

  6. Very cute idea! I love the font you used on the cover photo that reads “Halloween Paper Sack Gift Bags.” Would you mind sharing the name of it?

  7. Thank you so much for all you share! I finally figured out how to run them through my printer!!! YEAH! I made these for a Halloween party we are going to have for my girls friends! Thanks again!!

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