{an old window turned dry erase weekly calendar!}

My calendar is my brain.  Seriously.  In my house, if it’s not on the calendar, then it doesn’t happen!  I have a regular 12 month calendar that I keep track of everything on, but I LOVE having a weekly calendar.  It is so helpful to see the week at a glance–with plenty of space to write everything that’s going on–everything from things the kids need to bring to school, to the daily menu, to my exercise log.

I had a smaller version in our old house, but in this house there is a small wall in the hallway to the back door, just above the kids’ hooks that was the perfect spot for something a little bigger.  I had a moment of inspiration when I saw one of the old windows I collected, and realized it was PERFECT!  It was already divided into sections, so all I had to do was add the vinyl!  I did have a larger window–one with 8 panes–so there would be one for each day, plus a space for note, but it was too large for the space.  I would have used it otherwise.  Instead, I used one with 6 panes, and divided the last pane into two sections–Saturday and Sunday.

It literally took me 15 minutes to put this together, and it has already become one of my favorite things in the house!  I used different fonts for each day of the week, and I love the charm of it!  (Typewriter, CK Handprint, Champagne & Limousines, Greer, My Own Topher, Wish I Was Taller, Amelie)


-old window

-vinyl lettering ( I used my Silhouette!)


1.  Clean the window thoroughly, and let it dry.

2. Cut your vinyl IN REVERSE, so you can apply it to the back of your window (Or if you’re ordering it, make sure you tell them you want it cut in reverse.)  It’s okay if you don’t, but it will just stick to the front of the your window instead.

3.  It needed a little something more…so I tied on a piece of burlap to the handle.

That’s it!!  SO easy!

TIP:  Don’t forget to use a fine tip Sharpie to write with, instead of a dry erase marker.  It won’t rub off, so you won’t accidentally lose any information, but it will easily come off with a windex and a paper towel.

Isn’t it fabulous?  I ♥ old windows!!


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  1. I love this! I have a 6 pane old window that I have yet to hang. When you say ‘vinyl’, could you go more in depth? I’m not sure what you mean.

    1. Sorry about that, Lindsey! I mean vinyl lettering. I cut mine out using my Silhouette, but there are a lot of places online that you can order from for a reasonable price. One of my sponsors (in the right side bar) sells vinyl, so you could check them out, or search google or etsy for others that do. Hope that helps!!! xo

  2. This is just what I need and have been looking for! I agree, the little boxes on a yearly calendar are just not big enough to keep track of everything that a mom needs to remember. I’ll be looking for a window now–thanks for sharing your idea!

  3. super cute, I love using old windows / frames .. etc.
    well done – going to look for some in y area that are ‘vintage’ish
    thanks for sharing – Danielle – CraftPlayLove.com

    1. It’s My Vinyl Designer–the button on the left right under Pick Your Plum, in my right sidebar!!!

  4. Wow…I like this soooo much better than the one I made from a collage frame. :/
    I love it.

  5. Hi Keirste!
    I LOVE this, and with 4 kiddos, and well….in all honesty….only enough brain left to remind me to go the bathroom……I know this would be priceless at our house!
    I don’t have the machine to cut vinyl stickers, (are you at liberty to recomend a good “starter” one and what I would need to get started with the basics? It gets pretty costly purchasing them from others online.

    My real dilemma…..I don’t know where to find a window! Any windows I actually have come across at flea markets and such are either barely holding up, have cracks and broken glass, are not really “vintage” looking or are priced way out of my budget, (but then again I am cheap!)

    Any of your creativity, (which makes me so jealous I could cry when I look at the things I thought I did that were “creative”), would be SO much appreciated!

    Thanks so much for sharing yet another amazing idea!


    1. Michelle–

      I understand! I have 5 kids, and this makes a huge difference. If you’re looking for a machine to cut vinyl, I would go with a Silhouette. (www.silhouetteamerica.com) I’ve used mine for several years now, and love it as much (or more) than I did before. It’s user-friendly, doesn’t need cartridges, you can use all the fonts on your computer, and it does a lot more than vinyl! It is an investment, that’s the truth. They usually offer a promo almost every month, so if you keep watching my blog, you should see one come around. I don’t really know of a “starter” machine, and honestly, if you’re going to invest the money, I would just buy a nice one that will last for a long time. You could check eBay though–someone might be offering it slightly used, but less expensive!

      As for my windows…I find most of them on the side of the road!!! If your city or town has heavy trash day, it’s a perfect day to go around to older neighborhoods that would have windows like these, and see what’s out. In the town I just moved from, the city was divided into geographical sections, and heavy trash rotated through the week. It’s worth asking your city/town about! I also love the Habitat Restore. I’ve found old windows there, and when I do, I buy quite a few! They are usually only a couple of dollars–maybe $5 at the most.

      Good luck! xo

  6. I so love old windows. I turned one into a cover for my fireplace when not in use and I took a smaller one and I print pictures on sticky photo paper and float one picture in each pane. You can easily remove and swap out photos. Thanks for another idea.

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