{an old window turned dry erase weekly calendar!}

My calendar is my brain.  Seriously.  In my house, if it’s not on the calendar, then it doesn’t happen!  I have a regular 12 month calendar that I keep track of everything on, but I LOVE having a weekly calendar.  It is so helpful to see the week at a glance–with plenty of space to write everything that’s going on–everything from things the kids need to bring to school, to the daily menu, to my exercise log.

I had a smaller version in our old house, but in this house there is a small wall in the hallway to the back door, just above the kids’ hooks that was the perfect spot for something a little bigger.  I had a moment of inspiration when I saw one of the old windows I collected, and realized it was PERFECT!  It was already divided into sections, so all I had to do was add the vinyl!  I did have a larger window–one with 8 panes–so there would be one for each day, plus a space for note, but it was too large for the space.  I would have used it otherwise.  Instead, I used one with 6 panes, and divided the last pane into two sections–Saturday and Sunday.

It literally took me 15 minutes to put this together, and it has already become one of my favorite things in the house!  I used different fonts for each day of the week, and I love the charm of it!  (Typewriter, CK Handprint, Champagne & Limousines, Greer, My Own Topher, Wish I Was Taller, Amelie)


-old window

-vinyl lettering ( I used my Silhouette!)


1.  Clean the window thoroughly, and let it dry.

2. Cut your vinyl IN REVERSE, so you can apply it to the back of your window (Or if you’re ordering it, make sure you tell them you want it cut in reverse.)  It’s okay if you don’t, but it will just stick to the front of the your window instead.

3.  It needed a little something more…so I tied on a piece of burlap to the handle.

That’s it!!  SO easy!

TIP:  Don’t forget to use a fine tip Sharpie to write with, instead of a dry erase marker.  It won’t rub off, so you won’t accidentally lose any information, but it will easily come off with a windex and a paper towel.

Isn’t it fabulous?  I ♥ old windows!!


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