Halloween Chalkboard Printable

 I loved the fall version so much, that I decided to make a Halloween Chalkboard Printable!

halloween chalkboard printable | oldsaltfarm.com

I can’t believe that it will be October next week, can you? I like to start putting up Halloween decor up by the 1st, so I thought I would get this to you now, in time for printing!

I’ve also decided to not only make a Halloween version, but to make it a holiday series, so you can expect several more over the next couple of months. I love printables like this, because they’re so easy to switch out as each holiday and season comes and goes.

halloween chalkboard printable | oldsaltfarm.com

It’s easy to do…just DOWNLOAD the file, then either upload it to your photo center of choice for printing! I’m impatient, so I always do 1-hour, and it’s usually less than 3 dollars for the 8×10 size.  I prefer a matte finish–it looks more like a chalkboard to me.  You should be able to do up to a 16×20 with this print.

Once you have it home, slide it into your frame!  I use a clipboard that I love, because I can tie a ribbon at the top.  ☺


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