Halloween Chalkboard Printable

 I loved the fall version so much, that I decided to make a Halloween Chalkboard Printable!

halloween chalkboard printable | oldsaltfarm.com

I can’t believe that it will be October next week, can you? I like to start putting up Halloween decor up by the 1st, so I thought I would get this to you now, in time for printing!

I’ve also decided to not only make a Halloween version, but to make it a holiday series, so you can expect several more over the next couple of months. I love printables like this, because they’re so easy to switch out as each holiday and season comes and goes.

halloween chalkboard printable | oldsaltfarm.com

It’s easy to do…just DOWNLOAD the file, then either upload it to your photo center of choice for printing! I’m impatient, so I always do 1-hour, and it’s usually less than 3 dollars for the 8×10 size.  I prefer a matte finish–it looks more like a chalkboard to me.  You should be able to do up to a 16×20 with this print.

Once you have it home, slide it into your frame!  I use a clipboard that I love, because I can tie a ribbon at the top.  ☺


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    1. You certainly can! It just uses a lot of ink, and can really only be used once (and even if it’s more than that, the longevity tends to be much less). That’s why I recommend getting it printed as a photo–it will keep from year to year, and is fairly inexpensive.

      But, either way you want to do it is absolutely fine! FYI…the color may not be as dark when you print it on your computer.

      Thanks so much for asking, and dropping by!!! xoxo

        1. It’s a .jpg file (image file) and quite large, which is probably why the whole thing didn’t print. In order to print it on the computer, you need to:

          -Save the jpg file to your computer.
          -Open up Word, and insert the image as a picture.
          -Re-size as necessary, fitting it to the page.

          Good luck!!

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