FREE Chalkboard Christmas Card Templates


Sending and receiving cards is one of my favorite things about the holiday season, and I love making them each year to send to our friends and family. Today I thought I would share some free Chalkboard Christmas Card templates in case you wanted to use them too!   It’s super easy, and I’m going to show you how!

FREE Chalkboard Christmas Card Templates |

I use Adobe Photoshop Elements to create my cards, and it’s a very user-friendly program. I’ve been using it for years, and if you’re interested in creating photo projects and editing photos, I think it’s the best one! It’s super easy to create your own cards, and easily edit any other templates you might want to use.  If you have PSE, I’ve included the PSD file at the end of the post, and you can add all of your info.

If you don’t have Photoshop Elements, you can also use Pic Monkey, which is a free online photo editor. This is seriously just a couple of steps…EASY and CUTE…and I”ll walk you through it!

I’m going to use my cutey-cute sister’s family as an example…

1. After you download and save one of the free templates below, choose “edit a photo”, and then open up the file you saved. Click on the overlay icon in the left side bar (butterfly).

christmas card template |

2.  Click on “your own” at the top, then you can browse for the picture you want to use on your card.

christmas card template |

3.  When your picture is first opened on the page, it will be tiny, but you can easily re-size it by clicking on the picture, grabbing the edges, and expanding it as needed.

christmas card template |

4. Once your picture is set, you can add the text for your names.  Click on the Text icon in the left sidebar (Tt), then select the font you want.  Change the color to white (#ffffff), or any other color you want! You can also re-size it, and move it around–however you like!

Christmas Card template |

5. Once you have the text how you like it, make sure to SAVE it.  REMEMBER:  once you close the tab/browser, your work will be gone–it can’t be saved to finish later.  Finish your card, and save it!!

christmas card template |

Aren’t they ADORABLE??

Here are the templates to choose from…

Free Chalkboard Christmas Card Template | Free Chalkboard Christmas Card Template |
Free Chalkboard Christmas Card Template |

Just right click on the images to save to your computer! They are sized to 5×7, and once finished, can be uploaded and printed anywhere you like.  Envelopes to fit them can be found at Staples and Office Max–and you could check Walmart, Target, etc.



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