12 Favorite Farmhouse Stools

[tps_header] I’m a farmhouse girl.  It’s been my style as long as I can remember, and I’m loving how popular it is now, because it’s so easy to find amazing farmhouse style at every price point.  It’s no different with these darling farmhouse stools –I love every single one of them!  If you love farmhouse style too, whether you are looking for something with a little industrial vibe to it, if you prefer all wood, or you love a little texture, there are so many great choices available.  As I was searching for stools for Old Salt Farm, I thought I’d share some of my favorites here with you!

Favorite Farmhouse Stools | oldsaltfarm.com

Most of these farmhouse stools are under $100, although there are couple that are over that amount.  The least expensive is #12, and at only $15, it’s a great bargain!  I had them for many years, and loved them. I painted them white, gave them a good distressing, and added my kids’ numbers on top.

You might notice that #9 and #10 are the same chair, just different colors. I added them both, because although they are the same, the color gives them each their very own personality.  And…I just couldn’t decide which one I liked the most! One of my personal favorites is #3—I just love the look of  saddleback stools, and think they’re just so cute!

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1. Morella Rustic Square Bar Stool

2. Andres Counter Stool (Mudhut)

3. Napa Distressed Stool

4. Hampden Industrial Metal Stool with Wood Top

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  1. I think that #3 is my favorite, but I also like #7 and #11, if you’re looking for chairs with a back. Adorable selection, Kierste! :o)

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