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I grew up with an antique iron bed, and I loved it, although I don’t think I really appreciated what I had until now! My affinity for farmhouse style started all those years ago, and I’m pretty sure it had something to do with my own iron bed and watching (memorizing) Anne of Green Gables! Ever since then, I’ve wanted a metal bed in our master bedroom, and just a few weeks ago, it finally happened. I seriously LOVE it, and it fits my style perfectly.

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I’ve gotten a ton of questions about where I got it, and the answer is, on Amazon! Yes, it’s true! Actually, there were quite a few to choose from, and ended up being my favorites as I made my searches to find what I wanted. I even got free shipping, which saved a ton.  Since I’ve had so many inquiries, I thought I’d put together a post with some of my favorite metal beds!

Farmhouse Metal Beds | simply

One of my girls has a cream metal bed in her room, and it’s the cutest thing ever.  I love love it. and it’s been perfect for her. We have it in the full size, but they have other sizes too.

I am super happy, and I hope if you’re looking for a metal bed, you’ll find one you love too!


Weston Home Nottingham (the one I bought)

Better Homes and Gardens Kelsey

Novogratz Bright Pop–White (the one in my little girl’s room)

Merax Solid Platform Bed Frame

DHP Manila–White

Pulaski Brown Curved

Antique Brown/Granny Style

Giselle Antique White

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