Farmhouse Lighting on a Budget

I have spent more time looking for and deciding on lighting than on anything else for Old Salt Farm, other than the initial plans.  I think I’ve seen just about everything there is to see when it  comes to farmhouse lighting…twice!  It’s not about it being difficult to find things I like–more like the the opposite. I have found so many lights that I love, but it’s trying to figure out what will look best in the space that takes me a little longer. That…and the price.

We are on a definite budget, and lighting can be EXPENSIVE.  There’s nothing like finding an adorable chandelier, than discovering it’s at least $600 over what you can spend! Don’t get me wrong–sometimes splurging on a beautiful chandelier or awesome barn lighting can be totally worth it, but when you’re buying all the lighting for your entire house at the same time, it’s harder to do.  Since I’ve already scoured for some of the cutest and most affordable farmhouse lighting, I wanted to share them with you!

Farmhouse Lighting on a Budget |

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All of these are under $100, except the Wood Bead Chandelier and the Round 12-Light Edison Chandelier, and they’re under $300.  One of the lights on this list, the Chicken Wire Pendant, is actually a plug-in light, not hardwired, which means I couldn’t use it in our new house, because I already had electrical boxes in place.  Make sure you read all the fine print when you find lighting you like, to make sure that it will fit what you need.

Farmhouse Lighting on a Budget

Round 12-Light Edison Chandelier //

Four-Sided Glass Pendant //

5-Light Chandelier //

Vintage Barn Light Pendant //

School House Semi-Flush Light //

Edison Caged Pendant //

Vintage Lighting Ceiling Chandelier //

Urban Barn Light  //

Wood Bead Chandelier //

Chicken Wire Pendant Light //

Half Gallon Mason Jar Pendant //

Vintage Barn Light Pendant

Here are some other farmhouse style collections you might like…

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  1. I love these! Your electrician should be able to hardwire any plug in lights easily to fit into the box. That’s what we did on the sconces in our bedroom.

    1. Thanks, Kim!! That particular light doesn’t come with a ceiling plate for it to be hardwired, and our builder’s electrician said that they wouldn’t do it. :( That’s okay–I did find others I liked!!

  2. Super exciting for you! Smart to get a credit. I wish I had thought of that when our house was built. I was trying to find s black entryway fixture to coordinate with our black dining room chandelier and they had one! We took it, but I hate it!!!!! I saw the one I want in a shop on Cape Cod but it is super expensive. I found choosing the lighting was one of the hardest parts of the process. It is difficult to imagine the space when it is not fully finished.

    1. I agree–lighting is the toughest! Can you find the Cape Cod lighting online for cheaper? It’s worth a look!

  3. Thanks for sharing! These fixtures are gorgeous!! I’m looking for a new kitchen light myself, so I really appreciate this post!

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