Family Ski Trip to Mont Tremblant

Our favorite family ski trip so far…Mont Tremblant is perfect for families of all sizes and ages!

Our family loves to ski, and it’s one of our favorite winter activities. I love skiing as a family for so many reasons, but one of the main reasons is that our whole family can participate–from the littlest to the biggest! With six kids of varying ages, it’s often difficult to find an activity that everyone can do, and likes to do. Kids can start skiing at such a young age, and it’s an activity that you never grow out of.

We are lucky enough to have ski resorts just 10 minutes from our home, but in addition to skiing there, we like to take a yearly ski trip to a different resort. One of our very favorites was family ski trip to Mont Tremblant, which is in Quebec, Canada.

Family Ski Trip to Mont Tremblant

We’ve been to many different ski resorts, and this is why Mont Tremblant is at the top of our list:

  • There are great ski runs at every level–beginner bunny hill, green, blue, and black. They have some of our favorite runs of all time, and they’re easy to navigate. On the main side of the mountain, there’s a gondala ski lift, and it connects to several runs that all come back to the same point. It makes it easier to keep track of kids if they’re on their own, or if we want to split up. There are 102 runs, 4 slopes, and 14 lifts—something from everyone! For the littles, there are 3 magic carpets, which my kids love. Trail classification includes 22 easy runs and 31 difficult ones (plus 49 very difficult/extreme, but we don’t take the kids on those), so there are so many options. But honestly, the main ski area is so much fun, you can easily stay there all day if you want to!
  • At the base of the mountain is the most charming street, filled with restaurants and shopping. Whether you want to take a break during your ski day, or have dinner in the evening, you have so many options for kids and families.
  • It’s absolutely beautiful from every place you look. At the top of the mountain, the views are absolutely stunning from every which way.
  • In addition to skiing, there’s also a small lake for ice skating. Bring your own skates, or you can rent them if you’re staying at the resort.
  • The ski lessons are incredible. We decided to put our youngest in lessons while we were there, since she was a new skier. The instructor to child ratio is low, and they have their own little area that’s roped off from the main area. They’re served lunch, have snack breaks, and get to have the best time. They finish before the ski day is over, so you still have time to take them on the slopes with you.
  • If you’re coming from the United States, it actually ends up being a very reasonable cost compared to other resorts, due to the exchange rate.
  • Quebec is the French-speaking province of Canada, and it’s such a wonderful place to visit–to hear another language, and experience a different way of life. We absolutely love it there!
  • We live in upstate New York, so it’s a very reasonable driving distance for us. If you’re in the Eastern part of the U.S., it’s definitely doable. The Montreal-Trudeau Airport is the closest to Mont Tremblant, at about 90 minutes away.
  • You can either stay on the resort, or find an Airbnb, which is what we opted for. We have a large family, and we were traveling with another family, so often we find it easier and less expensive to find something off of the resort. However, if you prefer staying on the resort, they have some really great options.

We love it so much, we are heading back this year, and can’t wait. It really is a stunning resort that’s also family friendly, and the perfect place for a family ski trip! If you have any questions, please let me know–I’m happy to help!

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