Easy & Adorable Teacher Gift Card Holder

I created a super cute teacher gift card holder that’s perfect for any gift card. You can get it from any store, for any amount, and tuck it right inside for the fabulous teacher(s) in your child’s life.  Yes, they hit the mark this year!

I’ve done a lot of different things for my kids’ teachers over the years, but no matter what I give, I almost always tuck in a gift card.  Whether it’s to Target, Staples, or even our local education store, I know that’s what teachers want…and need.  

I’m still amazed and so appreciative of how much of their own money they spend on their kids and classrooms, and it’s my hope to help just a little by showing my gratitude with a gift card. It’s great for teachers at all levels, elementary, middle school, and high school.  

I really wanted to make it for any gift card, because although I have my go-to stores, I like to have the option to go with another card if I find out there’s something specific the teacher wants or loves.

It’s easy to make, let me show you how!



-printable (download at bottom of post)

-white cardstock

-scrapbook paper or colored cardstock

-doublestick tape

-Distress Ink

-baker’s twine

-gift card!!

Teacher Gift Card Holder | FREE printable | oldsaltfarm.com


1.  Print the printable onto white card stock, and cut it out. Distress edges if desired.

2.  Cut the scrapbook paper just wider than the printable, and tall enough for the gift card to stick out, plus a little extra for the baker’s twine and cuteness.  :)

3.  Add doublestick tape to just the bottom and edges of the printable, NOT the center, otherwise your gift card won’t fit in!  Place it on the bottom of the piece of scrapbook paper you cut out, and push firmly in to place.

4.  Slide in your gift card, then tie baker’s twine around the top.

That’s it! SO easy, and SO adorable!

Teacher Gift Card Holder | FREE printable | oldsaltfarm.com


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  1. Totally cute idea! I’m with you, I love giving gift cards to teachers. I know they can all use a little extra cash. :)

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