Easy & Adorable Oreo Chicks

Since my kids love helping in the kitchen so much, I’m always looking for fun & easy projects we can do together, especially during the holidays.  We first made these adorable Oreo Chicks several years ago, and they’re still such a favorite!

Easy & Adorable Oreo Chicks | oldsaltfarm.com

Oreo Chicks:  Easy Spring & Easter Treat

They make a great activity (and treat!) for Family Night, and we usually make them a week or two before Easter.  Not only are they fun for home, but perfect to take to spring parties, or as part of your Easter menu!

When I’ve made them in years past, I’ve added small pieces of broken pretzels to use as cute little legs.  I don’t know if Oreos have gotten skinnier over time, because even though I use Double Stuf, I’ve had a terrible time getting them to say put and not break the cookie.  So…feel free to try and add legs, and if you come up with a genius idea, please let me know!

Either way, they’re pretty darn cute!

ITEMS YOU NEED: (affliliate links included)


1. Melt the yellow candy melts according to package directions.

2. Dip Oreos into the chocolate, using whatever means necessary. :) My life changed when I bought this candy melt dipping scoop a couple of years ago.  It’s not very expensive, but it makes a HUGE difference when dipping things into chocolate. I use it often, and love love love it! You can also use two forks, which is what I used to do before the scoop.

3. Use the mini chocolate chips for eyes, and break the pretzels into small pieces for the legs if desired.

4. For the beak, I use either an orange gel frosting tube, or regular orange frosting tube–whichever I find first at the store.  The pointed end makes it super easy to pipe on the beak, even for little hands.

5. Let dry completely, then EAT!!

Easy & Adorable Oreo Chicks | oldsaltfarm.com

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Adorable Oreo Chicks

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