Valentine’s Day Craft: Conversation Heart Blocks

Who doesn’t love conversation hearts? I used them as my inspiration to turn 4×4 post blocks into these darling conversation heart blocks for display. They’re the perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day decorations! They are simple and darling!  

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Conversation Heart Blocks


-4×4 post, cut into perfect squares

red, cream, and pink spray paint

-vinyl lettering


1. Cut your 4×4 post into perfect squares. Even though it’s called a 4×4, the actual width is usually closer to 3.5 inches.  Make sure you measure it first, before you cut into blocks–this will ensure that you have a perfect square.

2. Spray paint each block red (Rustoleum Colonial Red), and let dry completely.

3. For any blocks you want to be pink or cream, you’re ready for the second coat of paint. Spray the blocks again, covering the red with pink or cream. ( I used Rustoleum’ Sweetpea and Heirloom White) Let dry completely.

4. For any blocks you want to be red, distress the edges with your sander. Take a paper towel, and spray a little cream paint onto it. Immediately take the towel and rub it on to the edges and fronts of the block–you’re just smearing it on–so you don’t want a lot on there. Once it’s dry (which will be almost immediately), take your power sander and remove the excess, so you can see mostly red, with accents of cream.

5. When your pink and cream blocks are dry, you’re ready to sand! Distress the edges and fronts of your block, and the red will start showing through.

6. Once all your sanding is done, wipe off the each block really well with a lint-free rag to remove any excess dust. Apply desired vinyl (this is PERFECT for a Silhouette!!).

Ta-da! Adorable conversation blocks! LOVE!!

valentine's day conversation blocks  |
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