Clothespin Valentine

I was going through my Valentine’s Day files this week, and came across a valentine I did almost five years ago. I was so excited, and quickly remembered how much I loved it.  It’s very simple, but so fun…a Clothespin Valentine!

clothespin valentine |

See! SO cute and easy! They’re perfect not only for classmates, but anyone!

You might be thinking that I was being a little chintzy on the M&Ms, but these are actually from five years ago, and I didn’t have any on hand when I took these pictures.  There’s definitely room for more!

Here’s how to make your own Clothespin Valentines!




-scrapbook paper

-cardstock (three colors)


-mini plastic bags (I used little bags used for jewelry/beads)

-Valentine’s M&Ms



The first thing I did was measure my plastic bag, so I would know how wide to make the entire valentine.  My bags were about 2 inches across, so I decided to make the whole thing around 5 inches wide.   I sized my printable to be around 3 inches wide, and printed it out on white cardstock.  I cut out a piece of red cardstock, matted a piece of pink cardstock on top of it, then adhered the printable onto the right side.  I distressed all paper edges with Distress Ink.

I covered the clothespin with scrapbook paper, filled the bag with the M&Ms, then used the clothespin to attach it to the card. I tied a cute piece of ribbon around the end of the clothespin for a finishing touch.  So easy!!

You can make your card as big or as small as you want, depending on the size of bag that you use.

clothespin valentine |

I’ve made some new printables for you to download, and instead of the usual PDF file, I’m just giving you the image.  Right click on the one you want, then save to your computer.  Then you can open a new Word document, insert it as a picture, and re-size it to fit your valentine.

clothespin valentine | clothespin valentine | clothespin valentine | clothespin valentine |

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  1. I LOVE this!!! I have a little boy though and not sure he’d want to hand out something so “girly”, but I’m sure going to ask him if he’d like to. :) Thanks for the cute idea.

    1. You could totally use boy colors–maybe cover the clothespin in camo paper? :) You could use blues, greens, any color he likes, and just use M&Ms to match! Then it wouldn’t be quite as girly. :)

  2. Love the font you used for “Be My Valentine.” Would you mind sharing which one it is?

  3. This is so cute! I love seeing all the creative Valentine’s ideas in Blogland. I am also excited I can comment on your blog again because Askimet is awesome and fixed my Wordpress commenting issues.

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